15 years xplace

xplace was founded in 2002 in the uni­versity town Göt­tingen as a start-up. 15 years later, it is a leading company in the field of digital signage. From system deve­lopment to imple­men­tation to main­tenance, the service portfolio of the company makes a full-service-provider out of xplace.

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From Inno­vative Start-up to European Market Leader: xplace Is 15 Years Old!

(Göttingen, 2017-06-16)

We are advisor and solutions provider. Industry and retailers, which usually work in dif­ferent countries at the same time, approach us with their problems we are able to solve with our digital solutions. We work inter­na­tionally.” With these words, Arne Jür­gensen, managing director at xplace, describes the main deve­lopments the company underwent in the last years.

When we founded xplace in 2002 we developed touchscreen-terminals for retailers helping customers decide what to purchase” says Michael Volland, one of the four founders of the company.

15 years xplace

Today, xplace has 291 employees in total, 215 on its main site in Göt­tingen, and pushes on with the digi­ta­lization of the POS in more than 50 countries. The digital systems by xplace go in almost 5000 stores in the world. Car­refour, EDEKA, famila, Miele, expert and Gémo are among the clients of xplace as well as Media Saturn.

In 2015, the full-service-provider aided the digi­tization of Media Markt and Saturn as both inte­grator and full-service provider. “For Media Saturn xplace has developed a global ESL dashboard software to collect and aggregate all technical data from stores for automated reporting”  remarks  Marco Was­sermann, co-founder of xplace.

The company from Göt­tingen relies not only on its attractive service portfolio, but also on its employees. “Many of them are here from the first beginning and are as enthu­siastic as on the first day” con­siders Arne Jür­gensen. One of them is Emil Zagirov, Director Inter­na­tional Expansion at xplace: “When I started to work for xplace 12 years ago I had no expe­rience with German com­panies. I remember that I really enjoyed the family-like atmo­sphere, the mutual trust and the open dialogue at eye level. This makes xplace so special today, too.”

On its suc­cessful way to the European market, xplace evolved into a trend­setter in the field of tech­no­logies for inter­active customer information.



About xplace GmbH

xplace GmbH is the European market leader in inter­active customer infor­mation, kiosk tech­nology and digital signage at the POS. The company offers retailers and industry efficient tools for opti­mizing customer service at the POS and helping con­sumers decide what to purchase. Its solutions range from industry-specific products to inte­grated, cust­omized mul­tichannel solutions for digital in-store com­mu­ni­cation. Being a full-service provider, the company covers the entire value chain in-house. In addition to its head­quarters in Göt­tingen, xplace GmbH is rep­re­sented by sub­si­diaries, sales offices and part­nerships in nearly all European countries.


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