Interactive solutions for Expert Somma

Digital signage and intel­ligent solutions in the store, so that the POS can be not only infor­mative, but also smart for customers. On behalf of Expert Somma xplace com­pleted this task in Italy.

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With xplace the Italian Expert Somma becomes interactive

(Göttingen, 2017-06-23)

xplace realizes the instal­lation of its inter­active solutions for the digi­ta­lization of the POS in Italy, too. Expert Somma provides its customers with eight xplace solutions in the store, which connect the benefits of eCommerce with the shopping expe­rience in the store.

Soundbar Station, NoTes, TaCT, SmartTS, MPA (Mobile Phone Adivser), TV-L, Feedback Terminal und Brochure Terminal. These multichannel-systems, which can help customers decide what to purchase, have been installed by xplace at Expert Somma.

xplace advised us scru­pu­lously precise in all decision stages of our project. Moreover, they helped us with the imple­men­tation of the systems they installed”, says Somma.

In coope­ration with Expert Somma the full-service-provider cust­omized graphic and layout of the dif­ferent systems.

We always got all necessary infor­mation for the auto­nomous control of the web-based structures on time. The prompt and com­petent inter­vention  of xplace at the smallest sign of trouble faci­litated our tran­sition to the digi­ta­lization of our POS”, con­siders Expert Somma.

At EuroShop 2017 in Düs­seldorf, the Italian magazine DISPLAY ITALIA – eMa­gazine took an interest in the xplace digital signage screen. This digital solution with a monitor in a waterproof frame on a rack can be used indoors and outdoors for adver­ti­sement and customer infor­mation in general.


About xplace GmbH

xplace GmbH is the European market leader in inter­active customer infor­mation, kiosk tech­nology and digital signage at the POS. The company offers retailers and industry efficient tools for opti­mizing customer service at the POS and helping con­sumers decide what to purchase. Its solutions range from industry-specific products to inte­grated, cust­omized mul­tichannel solutions for digital in-store com­mu­ni­cation. Being a full-service provider, the company covers the entire value chain in-house. In addition to its head­quarters in Göt­tingen, xplace GmbH is rep­re­sented by sub­si­diaries, sales offices and part­nerships in nearly all European countries.

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