Electronic shelf labels from xplace at POCO

10,570 labels (ESL) alto­gether were delivered to the discount fur­niture retailer by the company from Göt­tingen. xplace took charge of the instal­lation of the labels and of the staff training on site.

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xplace at POCO: Elec­tronic Shelf Labels in Böblingen

(Göttingen, 2017-07-03)

The inte­grator from Göt­tingen, which realized in 2015 the world’s biggest ESL project, fitting the more than 1,000 stores operated by Media Markt and Saturn across Europe with more than 10 million ESLs, con­tributes to digi­ta­lizing the discount fur­niture retailer POCO’s point of sale as well.

xplace provided POCO in Böb­lingen with 10,570 labels. The company took charge of the instal­lation of the labels and of the staff training on site. The labels were provided by SES-imagotag.

The staff training on site xplace took charge of can secure a trouble-free handling of the labels. Our sales staff is now aware of how to register and update the labels by entering the infra­structure system. They can deal with damaged labels, too. Thanks to the training, we can reach a com­pletely self-controlled price management. In this way,  we will give our staff more time to serve customers “, means  Sebastian Schrader, Head of the Orga­nization Department at POCO.


Electronic Shelf Labels for varnish
Electronic Shelf Labels for decoration

Elec­tronic shelf labels are the quickest and simplest way of marking prices. Pre­viously, whenever prices changed, a price label had to be printed out for each product, cut to size and mounted in a very time-consuming process. With ESLs, prices can be changed directly from the inventory management system. This eli­minates the speed advantage which pure play e-retailers have had until now, giving staff more time to serve customers. Moreover, ESLs form the basis for other tech­no­logies: In the back­ground, for example, they’re closely linked to the data-driven product range and the supply chain. And in future, customers will be able to access addi­tional product infor­mation from ESLs by means of NFC (near-field communication).


About xplace GmbH

xplace GmbH is the European market leader in inter­active customer infor­mation, kiosk tech­nology and digital signage at the POS. The company offers retailers and industry efficient tools for opti­mizing customer service at the POS and helping con­sumers decide what to purchase. Its solutions range from industry-specific products to inte­grated, cust­omized mul­tichannel solutions for digital in-store com­mu­ni­cation. Being a full-service provider, the company covers the entire value chain in-house. In addition to its head­quarters in Göt­tingen, xplace GmbH is rep­re­sented by sub­si­diaries, sales offices and part­nerships in nearly all European countries.

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