Com­pliance con­fir­mation of xplace

xplace is a modern and conscientious company, which takes its social responsibility towards its stakeholders, employees and consumers seriously. The management of xplace established an efficient compliance culture and defined compliance guidelines.

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Our compliance promise

We are working consecutively to develop a common understanding of an impeccable conduct and its processes to implement.

The xplace management obligate themselves to lead by good example (management by example) and to continually stress the importance of compliance to our employees (tone from the top). Furthermore we do not tolerate any unjust exceptions or deviations from compliance measures (zero tolerance).

All guidelines are comprehensible for everyone and can be viewed by all employees on the intranet. As part of face-to-face training sessions, employees will be introduced appropriately. Both supervisors and compliance officer are available to answer questions at all times. They also receive all informations regarding possible infringements and ensure privacy.

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