Sales increase with digital signage

The Activision Success Story

Product-related advertising content on digital signage solutions directly on the shelf increases sales. For Activision Blizzard, we have implemented a concept that confirms this thesis after only a short time.

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So far, the video game manufacturer Activision has presented its products on a total of two shelves within well-known media stores. In order to increase the attention and thus also the buying interest, Activision commissioned xplace with the implementation of a tailor-made digital signage concept for POS areas not belonging to the manufacturer.

The focus is on the communication of brand and image as well as the targeted promotion of video games and POSA cards (prepaid cards for games, items and services). The import of content should be possible independently, centrally and promptly through Activision.


  •     Consulting
  •     Project management
  •     Template creation
  •     BEECEEN Software Training
  •     Rollout management
  •     Installation management




xplace has made the experience that digital signage solutions achieve the greatest effect directly on the goods. Therefore, the concept includes a 22 inch display directly in the shelf system. The in-house content management system BEECEEN enables Activision to centrally import digital signage content for all players. Individually adapted templates and the linking of the existing price interfaces in the store also guarantee a cross-system, practicable control - even for short-term advertising campaigns. The equipment will initially be installed on one third of the space in Germany and Austria.




The first evaluations show that it does not always have to be the big solution to be successful. Already within the first ten months after the rollout a significant sales increase in the middle double-digit range could be registered! The comparison was made with comparable stores without digital signage screens.

The in-store TV directly on the POSA cards is generating a great deal of interest among customers. Explanations to the product can be placed directly with the prospective buyer. The advertising of further events and in-game highlights reaches the customer in a targeted manner.

Due to the success of the concept, the system will now be installed in a second rollout phase in the remaining media stores in Germany and Austria.

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