Automatic customer flow management

In the current situation, it is necessary to limit the number of customers in the shop. The Smart Entrance Kit from xplace controls the access to the store automatically. Sensors track the number of people who enter or leave the store. The connected traffic light system shows how many people are currently in the store and controls the access accordingly. Additional acoustic and vioce signals increase the customer attention.

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Admission control via traffic light system with Smart Entrance Manager

Choose from our Smart Entrance Kit

1. People Counting

Smart Entrance Manager

Our sensor-based counter box tracks the number of incoming and outgoing customers automatically. Via the Smart Entrance application you can view the current customer numbers. You can set and adjust the maximum number of customers. The system communicates with the supplied hardware to switch traffic lights accordingly. A power connection is required.

Connecting visitor counters

You have already installed a visitor counter in your stores? We connect the system to our Smart Entrance application via interface. You can monitor the current number of visitors and adjust the maximum number of visitors at any time. Please feel free to contact us!

2. Digital Signage Hardware

Alligator: the digital A-Frame

Use our digital A-Frame as an all-in-one hardware solution including WiFi-compatible player, sound package and keyboard. The device is suitable for indoor use and only requires a power connection.


Screen with stand

Control your customer flows with a powerful screen (400 or 700 cd/m²) in the entrance area. The solution compiles of a monitor with sound module, a fitting stand and a pre-installed WiFi-capable player. The system requires a power connection.



3. Visual and acoustic signals

Intuitive color-coded templates

The Smart Entrance Kit contains a GO and a STOP template. The design is based on the learned rules of behaviour of a traffic light. Additional animations of the green Go arrow and the STOP sign increase customers' attention.

Voice messages

The effect of the traffic light is intensified with an additional voice message. A short explanation ensures greater acceptance by the customer. With the integrated loudspeakers you adjust the volume or deactivate the sound.

4. Promotions and service information

Offers and promotions

Benefit from the increased attention of your waiting customers and inform effectively about your current offers and promotions. With the intuitive Content Management System BEECEEN from xplace, you manage content quickly and easily.

Service information

Use our service information templaes to inform your customers. Choose between currently valid behavioral instructions such as minimum distance or shopping cart obligation. Individual service information are also possible

And after the crisis?

Long-term use of the components

Use the Alligator A-frame or the screen as a digital signage solution for the entrance or those areas in the shop that you want to highlight. You can play out content statically via "plug and play" with USB or dynamically with our content management system BEECEEN. Continue to count your customers via the Smart Entrance Manager and always have an eye on the frequencies in your shop.

Your individual offer

Contact us to find out more about your individual Smart Entrance Kit. We will make you an offer including delivery times.

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