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Digital Signage for Intelligent In-Store Promotion

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Innovative digital signage solutions have proven to increase conversion. They increase customers' attention and create a positive shopping atmosphere. In addition, cloud technology and xplace's intelligent content management system BEECEEN make campaigns successful  throughout the customer journey.

POS projects of all sizes

Digital signage solutions at relevant touchpoints in the store have a direct influence on the customer journey and brand communication. They enable the easy, standardised and departmental control of brand messages and advertising campaigns. xplace offers various solutions suitable for all concepts. They provide eye-catching moments in large stores, but also an extraordinary shopping experience in stores with limited space.


Digital Signage Hardware

Content management made easy!

Our digital signage software BEECEEN has been developed in close communication with our customers and is therefore tailored to fit the needs of brick-and-mortar retail. As a secure, cloud-based CMS system, BEECEEN enables the location- and campaign-based management of all digital communication content at the POS.

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Comprehensive content services

Emotional brand content and targeted advertising are crucial for the success of campaigns. We create individual image and video content as well as CI-compliant templates for various advertising formats. We also take care of the content planning and management, if requested.

Watch our video and learn how you can easily bring great content to your screens.

Your full-service integrator

We have been established on the market as a digital signage integrator for over 15 years and are setting new standards in implementing an effective omnichannel strategy. We’ve already been voted one of Germany’s Top 3 Integrators six times in a row. We support retailers and manufacturers in all phases of their digitalisation project and map out the entire value chain in-house. Today, we’re already providing our solutions to over 4,000 locations in 50 countries and supporting them through our own branches, service staff and sales partners.

Our services

  • consulting
  • Individual hardware and furniture
  • Installation and rollout management
  • Service and support

We’re excited about the digitisation concept we’ve developed and implemented together with xplace. We use digitisation in the smallest of spaces to provide comprehensive advice to our customers and to accompany them on their customer journey. This enables us to optimally convey our brand and awaken shoppers’ emotions.

Dr Steffen Freichel, Director of Own Retail International Miele and Cie. KG

Selected concepts

in-store product recommendations to boost sales

Product recommendations at the POS

Online product recommendations make purchasing decisions easier. You should also use this at the POS.

Digital Signage increases conversion

Digital Signage increases conversion

xplace verifiably realises sales-boosting digital signage solutions in well-known media stores for the video game manufacturer Activision Blizzard.

Miele Showcase Amsterdam

Miele Showcase Amsterdam

Together with our customer Miele, we developed a new, exclusive store concept in Amsterdam.

Erdbeer Case

AI-supported promotion

The combination of AI-supported dynamic pricing and digital signage not only increases customer satisfaction, but also sales.

Digital signage of the future

Data-driven control of advertising content

Digital signage touchpoints enable the rapid, targeted control of advertising and brand content at the POS. However, the potential of digital signage reaches beyond the manual management of centrally set video sequences.

The future lies in connecting digital signage solutions with external data systems, such as e-commerce or ERP systems. Their data form the basis for automated and targeted advertising: If events are deducted from this data, they act as a trigger for the automated playout of adequate advertisements or other content.


Exploiting the full potential of digital signage

Learn all about automated promotion and how this works in practice in our live webinar.

Your contact person

Christian has profound experience with international digitalisation projects in the retail industries. He advises retailers and manufacturers on the design and implementation of their strategies.

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Christian Flohr
Head of Sales
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