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Content management systems (CMS) for digital signage have to ensure precise content playouts across all channels and have to be easy to use. Our CMS BEECEEN is specially designed for the needs of retailers. Central or local content is managed exactly where customers are targeted best- on classic in-store TV screens, on kiosk terminals or individual digital solutions.

Core feature: Simplicitiy

BEECEEN is designed to be user-friendly - with a clear and structure frontend. Playlists are filled via drag & drop - ideal for beginners and occasional users.

For professional users, settings are available for time-, location- and topic-based content weighting - and of course unlimited storage space for all media content.

Templates to create variety

BEECEEN provides a selection of templates that can be used to generate content automatically. With these templates, it is easy to manage in-store TV content or even content on interactive applications such as Web Kiosks. External content such as news feeds, traffic data or online content can be integrated into in-store TV content to provide customers with even better information. With product data from PIM, ERP or other systems, price and product data are being updated automatically. Offers or Recommendations are are therefore always uo-to-date.

Adertising partnerships and refinancing

Content from advertising partners enriches digital signage content and can be a significant refinancing factor. BEECEEN enables precise programme planning, so that your own content and the spots from advertising partners are combined and weighted sensibly. Playouts are recorded and evaluated, providing you with information on reach, frequency and other factors. BEECEEN can also be connected to programmatic DOOH platforms and enables the automation of ad space sales.

Success Stories

Instore TV CMS at Saturn

Digital Signage at MediaMarkt Saturn

xplace's Digital Signage and Instore TV is a vital part of POS communication at MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.

xplace Digital Signage CMS Activision Blizzard

xplace's CMS increases turnover

xplace' Digital Signage solution for video game company Activision Blizzard has been proved to increase sales significantly.

Intersport Digital Signage Content Management System xplace

Interactive in-store communication

xplace supports INTERSPORT retailers in digital customer communication. Instore TV with xplace's CMS BEECEEN is an important part of it.

Features and benefits

Easy and intuitive use

A clearly structured frontend for simple or complex use cases. Drag & drop, calendar views and context menus simplify operation. The intuitive digital signage CMS for global and local teams.

Criteria-based playouts

Campaigns and playlists are controlled by validity periods, local validity, and topic-based content weighting. As a result, your content is played out when your target audience is really watching.

Automatic video converter

BEECEEN automatically converts various video file formats (mov, avi, mpg, mp4) into the correct target format. No more annoying, time-consuming conversion of files. Yyour content will always be played out correctly.

Roles and rights system

Different roles and rights enable hierarchy-based content control. Local teams or external advertising agencies will appreciate BEECEEN Mobile for easy and fast content upload. You always maintain control over your digital signage network and determine who can and cannot modify content.

HTML5 templates und APIs

With BEECEEN's HTML5 templates, animations and effects can be automated and external data sources can be integrated via interface, e.g. to display news feeds, embedded web pages or product data. (Online) content changes automatically - without you having to do anything.

Reporting and data analysis

Every content playout is tracked and analysed. Reports and analyses can be filtered or aggregated according to locations, time periods, and departments. All numbers and figures are available to successfully sell advertising space.

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