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EuroCIS workshop: Open up the Black Box POS

Workshop POS EuroCIS

Visit our free workshops on data generation at the POS at the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf. At booth D24 in hall 10, the CEO and co-founder of xplace, Marco Wassermann, will present innovative technologies that can already be implemented today and enable an evaluation and optimization of conversion.

Big Data everywhere  and at the POS?

Open up the black box and gain consumer insights

With the help of innovative technologies, valuable data that the e-commerce already possesses can also be generated at the POS. But only linking them turns the raw data into big data. When usage data from digital applications is linked with visitor numbers or sales figures, for example, retailers and manufacturers gain insights into the behavior and preferences of their customers and thus the ability to evaluate and optimize conversion. In the one-hour workshops, we show you what is already possible and where the journey can take you.

Workshop Black Box POS EuroCIS

Register now for the workshop "Open up the Black Box POS"

Register now for free and secure one of the limited places. The workshops will take place at the xplace booth in hall 10, D24.

Tuesday, 19 February, 14 to 15 o'clock
Wednesday, 20 February, 11 to 12 o'clock
Wednesday, 20 February, 14 to 15 o'clock
Tuesday, 19 February, 11 to 15´2 o'clock

Just choose a date and write a short email to workshop [at] xplace.de (.) We are looking forward to exciting insights and lively discussions.

The referee

Marco has 15 years of experience in the development of innovative applications for the digital transformation in retail. With a keen sense for the needs of customers and the solutions of tomorrow, his focus is on optimizing the customer journey at the POS.

Marco Wassermann, xplace CEO and co-founder

Marco Wassermann
CEO and co-founder

workshop [at] xplace.de

+49.551 488 798 - 0

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Vortrag EuroCIS Omnichannel Forum

Speech: Big Data everywhere  and at the POS?
Gain consumer insights with innovative technologies.

The CEO and co-founder of xplace, Marco Wassermann, talks about innovative technologies that can generate valuable data on customer behavior at the POS and can thereby optimize the conversion.

Tuesday, 19.02.2019, 11:20 until 11:40 
Omnichannel Forum at the EuroCIS

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