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A whole day of know-how, insights and perspectives on the digitalisation of the POS: Under the title "The Smart Evolution of Retail", experts from our partners and from xplace share their knowledge and show you ways and means of linking the online and offline worlds of retailing and improving the conversion rate in stores with IoT technologies.

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Talking about the Smart Evolution of Retail

Be it digital signage, ESL or e-commerce - isolated solutions are no longer a viable option today. The future belongs to integrated approaches that combine the online and offline worlds into true omnichannel and a consistent customer journey. At the expertalk Web Academy, we will be hosting a total of seven webinar presentations that look at the spectrum of the Smart Evolution of Retail from different aspects.

Web Academy Schedule

Keyvisual expertalk Web Academy

The Smart Evolution of Retail Welcome and introduction

Heike Scholz – author at Zukunft des Einkaufens (Future of Shopping)

Marco Wassermann – CEO at xplace

Moderator Heike Scholz, founder of the retail blog "Future of Shopping", discusses with Marco Wassermann what this future could look like - and what xplace have in mind for the "Smart Evolution of Retail". After the joint opening, Heike Scholz will lead through the entire programme of the online symposium. (in German)

Discussion: Smart Evolution of Retail

Sensors, Data and IoT technology

xplace-CEO Marco Wassermann

Reaching the next level of POS-Digitalisation with Smart Data

Marco Wassermann – CEO at xplace 

Today, digital signage components are well established almost everywhere, whether as interactive kiosk systems, classic displays or electronic shelf labels. Now it is important to exploit the full potential of the technical infrastructure. Marco Wassermann explains how.

Watch the Webinar about POS digitalisation with smart data

Vodafone Logo

Smart Parking Digitalisierung von Parkflächen durch IoT

Philipp Buhl – IoT Vertical Solution Consultant at Vodafone

Smart Parking is a complete solution for efficient parking space management and monitoring, consisting of hardware components (sensors and gateways), IoT connectivity, an IoT platform for data analysis and management and smartphone apps. It allows the use of parking spaces to be monitored down to the minute, optimising capacity utilisation and increasing customer satisfaction.

(in German)

Watch the webinar for smart parking



TechTalk: Instore Sensor Technologies

Martijn Evers – Innovation Manager at xplace

Motion and behavior data of store visitors are a field in which offline trading has to catch up with e-commerce - and it can! In the TechTalk, xplace Innovation Manager Martijn Evers explains which technologies are suitable for increasing retail insights through in-store analytics (and which are not).

Watch the Techtalk: Instore Sensor Technologies

Lunch break from 11.55 to 12.45

Electronic price labelling

Logo Bison Schweiz AG

More time for customers: How ESL is already improving efficiency

Petra Gennoni – Head of sales at Bison Schweiz

How do Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) work? What are their advantages over traditional price labelling? What benefits and potential do they offer? And what is important in the integration of ESL solutions? Petra Gennoni from the business software company Bison Schweiz AG has the answers and also presents application examples from over 30 years of project experience.

(in German)

Watch the webinar "How ESL improves the efficiency"


More than just a digital price tag: EPL as part of an integrated overall digital signage concept

Alexander Burow – Digital POS Transformation Consultant at xplace

Coherence, efficiency, flexibility - Electronic Price Labeling (EPL) offers obvious advantages. But even more is possible if ESLs are not only seen as display devices but also as touchpoints in the customer journey. Alexander Burow, xplace Digital POS Transformation Consultant, explains how EPL as an element of an overall digital signage concept unfolds maximum effect. 

(in German)

Watch the webinar "EPL als part of an integrated concept"


Smart Retail - Use data to your greatest advantage

Prudsys Logo

How ready-to-use AI applications helps smart retailers achieve their goals

Sandy Preuß – Senior Manager Presales and Projects at Prudsys

You get a holistic view of how retailers use cloud-based AI applications to increase their efficiency and thus their profits. Powerful, self-learning algorithms combined with a real-time decision-making system make it possible. You will learn how intelligent applications for PERSONALIZATION and DYNAMIC PRICING help you to better understand your customers and products, make your current business areas more profitable and open up new potential. 

(in German)

Watch the webinar "Smart AI applications as success drivers"

tobias henning

Perspektive Smart Store: Mit AI-unterstützten Kampagnen zur Conversion-Optimierung 

Tobias Henning – Consultant Digital POS Transformation at xplace

Everyone is talking about the Smart Store, but how does it become reality? Tobias Henning explains that the starting point for this can be existing interactive touchpoints. The xplace Digital POS Transformation Consultant explains which tools and possibilities already exist today to control automatic content playout with technology often already available in the store and to measurably improve the conversion at the POS.

(in German)

Watch the webinar "with AI-supported campaigns for conversion optimization"

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