expertalk: Open up the Black Box at the POS

Big Data everywhere - and at the POS? Open the black box and win conversion insights. While in eCommmerce, all touchpoints along the customer journey get analyzed, at the POS this information is hidden so far. The webinar deals with the question of how data can be generated at the POS.

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Contents of the expertalks on data generation at the POS

You evaluate your eCommerce data daily, but have no overview what happens at the POS? You want information on conversion rates of articles and assortments in the stationary trade? You want to know if your digital touchpoints reach the target group?

Our experts introduce you to innovative technologies for stationary retailing that can measure customer behavior at the POS. The digital touchpoints gather e.g. the footfall rate, product interactions or target group characteristics - in real time. With our Retail Analytics tool, you can network this data and that way transform untapped potential into revenue-generating knowledge.


After the webinar you know:

  • What possibilities arise from the networking of touchpoints
  • How data about customer behavior or product interest can be generated at the point of sale
  • How to make the conversion rate measurable at the POS
  • What innovative technologies exist on the market and how to use them

The webinar is aimed at:

Professionals and decision makers in all branches of brick-and-mortar retailing and the manufacturing industry. Mainly in the fields of digitization, retail management and business strategy.

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Download recording of the webinar in German

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