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Digital signage software BEECEEN - Content Management made easy.

BEECEEN - Our content management system for digital signage brings your messages to life. The software transforms screens into effective communication tools and increases the efficiency of your business. This is how simple the future of digital communication is!

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  • Combining the analogue and digital worlds in the retail shop
  • Relieve employees and donate time for personal customer care
  • Optimise sales promotion and shopping experience

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BEECEEN Upgrade: Social Media Display

News for BEECEEN users Design your social media display!

Our digital signage CMS BEECEEN is getting a fantastic upgrade with a brand new tool that makes it possible to create social media displays in no time at all.

With this new function, you can easily integrate social media feeds into your digital signage screens and reach your audience in real time.

Enhance the shopping experience for your customers BEECEEN software makes it possible!

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of brick-and-mortar retailers believe that their customers have higher expectations of the digital shopping experience, than is offered in the retail shop

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Inspire your customers and exceed their expectations! Discover the potential of digital signage for your store and put your trust in xplace!

Upload and playout in under a minute Content management without bells and whistles

BEECEEN was developed as content management software especially for the retail sector - and it has to be fast. Upload content in the blink of an eye and play it out on your screens with just a few clicks. Optionally, sophisticated playout options are available so that content only runs at certain times or in certain locations. Weight your content by topic and quickly and easily create a playlist that captivates your customers!

Simple content maintenance thanks to xplace CMS BEECEEN
Integrate content via interface to CMS BEECEEN
Integrate content via interface Self-maintenance is good, automation is better

You have well-maintained web content or product data and don't want to duplicate work for your screens? BEECEEN can integrate any sources and partially or completely automate the display on the screens.

Increase the attention of your audience with current weather, news or your event calendar. Simplify your advertising by integrating product data directly and always show the latest prices and features.

BEECEEN can display HTML and is ready for any content you already have.

All shapes and colours Whether hardware or content - it has to fit your business!

Just like xplace, our content management software adapts to you: 

  • The BEECEEN software runs on player PCs at different performance levels.
  • All screen formats are supported - from classic Full HD to small special formats to large-screen LEDs.
  • Manual, semi-automated and fully automated content handling are supported - just as you need it!
Digital signage software BEECEEN can display many shapes and colours

Happy BEECEEN users:

MediaMarkt Saturn Thousands of touchpoints - one CMS

The MediaMarkt-Saturn Group uses BEECEEN across Europe to control a wide variety of touchpoints - from classic screens to LED walls, displayed TVs or notebooks, tablets and smartphones to checkout screens. The content mix consists of service information, marketed playtime and product advertising.

Thomann Music Store The best music house in Europe

The music store Thomann relies on a combination of different digital touchpoints. All moving image content is controlled by BEECEEN: Top 10 product lists are created by animated templates and generated from the product data via interface. LED walls create a wow effect, an LED tunnel changes its content as soon as customers enter it - a clever combination of sensors and the BEECEEN Content Management System.

More about the digital signage project at Thomann

documenta fifteen Intelligent visitor control

An art exhibition spread over several locations in Kassel poses a special challenge for the management of visitor flows. With the help of BEECEEN, intelligent screens were used to show the occupancy of the exhibition venues and the free places on the guided tours - both implemented with real-time connection to the cash register systems. The system was expanded so that visitor levels were also visible online. In addition, the documenta team could control the display with the help of a mobile phone app. The result was a clever system that enabled visitors to enjoy a relaxed visit to the exhibition.

Activision Blizzard Conversion increase

Presenting abstract products in an understandable and exciting way - a recurring challenge. Activision Blizzard commissioned xplace to create a digital signage system for credit cards without much packaging. The screens displayed game trailers and real-time product data directly on the shelf - and increased sales of the credit cards in shops with screens in the mid double-digit percentage range!

The simple start Our all-round carefree packages to get you started:

BEECEEN offers a complete basic system from the very first player - including all functions, reporting and support. Test the software free of charge, use one of our starter sets for an easy start - and add the services you need to the system later!

Instore TV Starter

The starter set for everyone who wants to play on their first screen.


  • BEECEEN Budget Player-PC worth 179,- €
  • BEECEEN Player licence worth 149,- €
  • 3 months BEECEEN core
  • Templates for product offers, opening hours & weather
  • Online BEECEEN training by an experienced xplace content manager
  • Shipping to your branch
Instore TV Corporate

The starter set for all those who want more.


  • BEECEEN Budget Player-PC worth 179,- €
  • BEECEEN Player licence worth 149,- €
  • 3 months BEECEEN core
  • Templates for product offers, opening hours & weather in your corporate design
  • Online BEECEEN training by an experienced xplace content manager
  • 1x 50″ signage screen with stand
  • Shipping to your branch
BEECEEN tariffs Advantages and innovations



15,00 monthly per player
  • All BEECEEN playout and control functions
  • Unlimited media storage in the cloud
  • Unlimited playlists in the cloud
  • Playout reporting
  • Support by mail



on request
  • All elements from BEECEEN core, in addition:
  • Support by phone & mail (Mon - Fri, 08:00 - 18:00)
  • Templates for offers, opening hours & weather
  • Live training by experienced xplace Content Manager
  • Connection to Active Directory
  • Individual frontend for branches
  • Content service via e-mail
  • Integration of external content via interface



on request
  • All elements from BEECEEN plus, in addition:
  • Dynamic product recommendations
  • Integration of Programmatic Advertising
  • Integration of any web content, product info, etc.
  • Individualised data dashboards
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