Increased sales with digital signage

Activision's success story

Product-related advertising content on digital signage directly on the shelf boosts sales. We implemented a concept for Activision Blizzard that confirmed our thesis after just a short while.

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Increased sales with digital signage

The challenge

Up until now, the video game manufacturer Activision displayed its products on a total of two shelves in well-known consumer electronics stores. In order to increase the awareness and thus the customer’s buying interest, Activision hired xplace GmbH to implement a tailor-made digital signage concept for POS areas not belonging directly to them.

Focus was placed on communicating the brand and image as well as on targeted promotion of video games and POSA cards (prepaid cards for games, items and services). The aim was to have Activision manage content independently, centrally and without delay.


  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Template creation
  • BEECEEN software training
  • Rollout management
  • Installation


xplace knows from previous projects that digital signage solutions achieve the greatest effect when placed directly near the goods. Therefore, the concept included a 22-inch display installed directly to the shelf system. The in-house content management system BEECEEN enabled Activision to centrally manage digital signage content. Individually designed templates and a link to existing price interfaces further guaranteed cross-system, easy monitoring – even for short-term advertising campaigns. Initial installations covered one third of the space in Germany and Austria.




The first assessments showed that it does not always need big overall solutions to be successful. The first ten months after the rollout saw a significant increase in sales in the mid-double digits! The comparison was made using similar stores that had no digital signage screens.

The in-store TV set up right by the POSA cards is generating a great deal of interest among customers. Product information can be placed directly with the prospective buyer. The advertisement of further events and in-game highlights can be specifically directed towards the customer.

Due to the success of the concept, the system will now be installed in a second rollout phase in the remaining consumer electronic stores in Germany and Austria.

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