In-Store communication on a new level

In early 2017, INTERSPORT Digital GmbH started developing a new and comprehensive digital concept for the retailers in their group. At the heart of the concept are smart innovations that make the experience of interactive in-store communication possible. In order to ensure a nationwide implementation, the merger of different software providers is a prerequisite.

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LED-Wall Intersport Digitalisierungsproject

Goal of the project

The goal of the new store concept is to optimise conversion through awareness and cross-channel tools and merge it to create a customer journey that is intermeshed both online and offline. (Previously, some retailers installed various digital touchpoints that still have to deliver the desired results as stand-alone solutions however. As part of the new overall concept, these touchpoints have now been scrutinised and supplemented by further solutions.)

In an invitation to tender, xplace was acquired as a partner to enhance and roll out the digitalisation concept. The concept includes software solutions from various providers, some of them small start-up companies. As an experienced systems integration house, xplace acts as a link here and can effectively contribute its experience in the integration and roll-out of start-up technologies.


  • Consulting and project management
  • Software and hardware customisations
  • UX screen design
  • Roll-out management and logistics
  • Technical service and support; installation
Intersport virtual shelf extension
Shelf extension - Self-service tool for customers with access to an extended range, order and seller call
Digital instore campaigns via InstoreTV
Current campaigns are advertised on the digital signage solutions in the entrance area.


INTERSPORT Digital is developing a comprehensive store concept where customers can experience smart innovations in interactive in-store communication. The campaigns span multiple communication channels and by doing so facilitate corporate branding throughout the entire customer journey. Packages are created for the retailers in the group that are based on this concept, which contain roll out-enabled tools to increase their conversion rates and awareness.

The requirement for the nationwide implementation of this digital concept now is to bring together the various software providers so that the selected touchpoints can be utilised purposefully. This task requires comprehensive know-how in integrating software applications, experience in roll-out management and effective and goal-oriented communication with all the project stakeholders. Technical service and support also needs to be guaranteed  during operations.

Fast product information and orders via employee tablets.
Magic Mirror: Omnichannel Terminal for changing rooms.
Mirror and self-service tool for customer with access to extended assortment.


In order to guarantee the widespread use of the digital touchpoints, the processes first need to be stabilised and the tools made ready for roll out. To achieve this, the software applications were integrated into the hardware xplace supplied and tested for technical operability. The expertise of Xplace has significantly improved the UX design for the shelf extension software applications. By providing product-specific training, xplace can cover the technical service and support required for all digital signage solutions. During the first test installations at INTERSPORT subsidiaries from the Voswinkel Group, we succeeded in testing the touchpoints from the digitalisation concept for their manageability and also managed to iron out any remaining uncertainties.

For us, the digital elements of xplace are an indispensable part of the digital transformation of the sports retail industry.
ActionPlace and ProPlace provide the right digital support for an engaging shopping experience and contemporary customer approach.

Arnd Klose, Owner of Intersport Klose


The digital concept was adapted for widespread use and presented to INTERSPORT retailers in June 2018 as scheduled. Previously, the new concept's first successes could already be celebrated at the reopening of the INTERSPORT Sauer pilot store. The roll out across Germany started in autumn 2018. The plan is to continuously enhance the concept in cooperation with xplace.

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