The virtual washing machine from Miele

The top priority at the Miele Experience Centre is to provide a product experience that both conveys and reinforces the brand image of this premium household appliance manufacturer. Miele uses the support of digital touch points and elements such as LED video walls, digital advice and virtual product simulations.

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virtual washing machine for Miele

Project goals

Since 2013, Miele have been working together here with xplace as a partner and expert in the digitalisation of the POS. As a particular highlight, Miele commissioned xplace with the creation of a virtual washing machine. The prototype was completed in 2017 and presented at the IFA in Berlin. Now installations in selected Miele Experience Centres will follow.

With the virtual washing machine, a real view inside the washing machine is combined with the virtual “washing experience”, and experiencing and interacting with the product is also possible.


  • Technical realisation of the chassis design, construction
  • Content integration and adaptation, content management system
  • installation
  • Technical Service and Support




Virtual reality is a technology that is synonymous with innovation and can provide a new dimension in product experiences. Installed at the POS, it creates an experience that is more than just something superficial. The virtual washing machine combines the virtual world with reality, creating a truly unique product experience.




Components of the washing machine like the drum, motor, and detergent dispenser as well as the supply and drain hoses were assembled in a chassis that can be looked into on two sides through transparent touchscreens. Via these, customers can play different videos that simulate the washing process and explain the different product features.

The virtual washing machine is meant as a “showcase” of sorts. In the video, the image section is repeatedly narrowed and thus focused, and internal LED lighting increases the screen’s brightness. The virtual content simulates the technical processes during a wash cycle; such virtual reality therefore allows customers to witness live processes of the device that they would otherwise never have seen.

The services provided by xplace for this project consist of the technical realisation of the design, integration and management of content, and the production and installation of the device in the Miele Experience Centres.


In realising this virtual washing machine, the collaboration with xplace has been very successful. Using the virtual components, xplace realised the objective to convey our brand message.

Dave Lemmens, Own Retail Ope­rations Manager Miele AG


The result is an innovative and virtual product experience that conveys the Miele brand message.

For this exclusive product presentation, xplace proved their expertise in the integration of innovative technologies.


The virtual washing machine

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