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Increase your conversion with data analytics

Data is the new oil at the POS

Online retailers track the online customer journey almost completely today. Our data integration and analysis solutions now give you the same transparency in stationary retail. Customer behaviour and buying decisions are analysed and potential obstacles revealed, thus increasing your conversion. Data is the new oil in the retail trade, so capitalise on it!

Gain insights.

Digital touchpoints and IoT technologies track product interactions, visitor metrics and ad space contacts. They make the customer journey comprehensible at the POS. Retailers and manufacturers get to know their customers better.

KNOWLEDGE, not gut feeling.

Understand your customer.

In omnichannel retailing, purchasing processes take place across channels. The biscuit plattform connects information on customer purchasing behaviour at the POS with relevant data from e-commerce, the ERP system or other external data sources.

OMNICHANNEL, not thinking in silos.

Increase your conversion.

Data analysis provides decisive impulses for addressing your customers in the store. Individualised advertising messages, precisely targeted services and appealing sales mixes increase your conversion rate.

INDIVIDUALITY, not shotgun approach.

You want to exploit the potential of your digital solutions?

Then it's high time to take the next step. Our solutions for you:

Tracking of Instore Analytics Customer Journey

Instore analytics solutions

Sensors, cameras and other IoT devices deliver reliable in-store customer analyses and provide insights into the customer journey at the POS.

Win retail insights with data platform biscuit

Data integration: biscuit platform

Our biscuit platform links all relevant data from the retail environment, including stationary retail, ERP systems, e-commerce and external data.

POS consulting Workshops xplace

Technology and strategy consulting

In workshops, we show you how to combine touchpoints into an end-to-end customer journey and advise you on the latest technologies in the market.

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