Connecting retail data smartly

Our biscuit platform enables you to link all relevant data from the retail environment: brick-and-mortar stores, ERP systems, e-commerce and data on external influencing factors. The insights provide valuable optimisation potential for advertising campaigns, service offers and assortment of goods. You can base your decisions on data and therefore improve the customer experience in the store.

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biscuit data plattform for POS

From isolated digital solutions to smart stores

Despite having numerous installed visitor trackers, interactive kiosk systems or digital signage solutions, the data is usually not effectively used or analysed. The digital touchpoints in a classic store are not networked with each other, resulting in many data islands.

Our approach is to network all information from the retail environment. We integrate relevant data records from a wide variety of systems. By fully utilising the existing POS data, you are able to further optimise the customer journey and obtain in-depth insights. You can thus make full use of the possibilities of digital retail solutions.

Would you like to know...

  • that there is currently a customer interested in laptop XYZ?
  • that customers often try out a certain sweater but buy it far less often?
  • that the loss leader from the new collection has just turned into a hidden champion?
  • that customers in Munich prefer the product in red, while the black version is selling like hot cakes in Berlin?

Would you like to be able to control...

  • whether employees are being informed that customers are currently interested in a certain product?
  • whether high-inventory products are marketed automatically via digital signage solutions?
  • whether online bestsellers are also available in the store?
  • whether content is played back on the LED wall for test drives as soon as the sun comes out again?

Data networking with biscuit

E-commerce has numerous tools at its disposal for effectively analysing the online customer journey. This is more complicated at the POS, because it isn’t as simple as setting cookies online. The key is our biscuit data platform.

The platform brings all relevant information together. It is the prerequisite and crucial tool for the omnichannel concept: data from all sales channels is linked and combined with external influencing factors.

Data which might be of interest:

  • Passers-by and visitor key figures
  • Customer paths and return customers
  • Product interactions and assortment preferences
  • Loyalty card data (after corresponding GDPR-compliant release)
  • Inventory levels and sales probabilities
  • Shopping cart and interaction data from the online store
  • Current social media trends
  • Location and weather conditions
  • Market price changes
  • And much more...

Transforming big data into smart data

Biscuit collects data, analyses it and gives commands to the output systems. The platform is based on two core features:

1. Analysis and forecast of customer behaviour on the basis of historical data, and
2. Event-based control of digital POS solutions in real time.

These data help retailers and manufacturers to substantiate complex economic interactions in order to make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage. There is no need of time-consuming manual controls of digital signage content, price changes or staff calls anymore. Your digital touchpoints at the point of sale receive automated and event-based triggers.

Funktionsweise Daten Plattform biscuit für Retail Insights

The features of biscuit:

  • Open platform: real-time connection of present and external systems via API
  • Data lake: secure storage and streaming of all relevant information
  • Artificial intelligence: automated and efficient evaluation of data using algorithms
  • Machine learning: measuring the success of every generated event increases the system's knowledge and therefore fine-tunes the control system
  • Predictive analytics: calculating probability of events based on customer and purchasing behaviour of previous years

The platform data are flowing already...

Currently with over 500,000 user-generated events per day

Service quality improved by Instore Analytics

Selected concept:

xplace and Saturn launch Pilot Project using Retail Analytics


How do information about customer behaviour in store improve the service quality? xplace and Saturn are testing the automatic staff call.

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Our approach for your data strategy

We want you to be able to use the biscuit data platform profitably. Analysing your indivudual customer journey at the POS is the first step on this way. Then, we work with you to develop business cases to effectively collect and use data. We develop and implement tailor-made solutions meeting your individual requirements.

Business consulting

In workshopswe work with you to develop the customer journey at the POS, with a focus on the requirements and needs of your customers. We analyse existing data and point out potential additions.

Technical concept creation

Based on the workshop results, we develop business cases together with the goal to optimise your conversion rate. We rely on existing digital solutions and IoT technologies as well as on complementary touchpoints.

Business case piloting

We design MVPs for the business cases and implement them in a pilot project. The aim is to check the previously defined KPIs. The findings and experience gained from the field test are incorporated into the technical concept.

Programming and data integration

After the successful pilot case, all relevant data is connected to our platform biscuit via API. We program the individual modules based on your requirements for data analysis and evaluation.

Your contact partner

Christian has profound experience with international digitalisation projects in the retail industries. He advises retailers and manufacturers on the design and implementation of their strategies.

Christian Flohr
Head of Sales
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