Automatic customer flow management

Waiting times at checkouts and at the service desk can spoil the shopping experience. According to a survey, 32% of all customers are annoyed by waiting in stores, banks or for other services. The Smart Zone Manager automatically manages customer flows, helping to optimise customer service processes and increase customer satisfaction.

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Smart Zone Manager for banks

"Stop" and "Go" system to increase service

In large stores or areas that are difficult to observe, customers do not immediately see which checkout or service counter is vacant or occupied. This leads to uncertainty and longer waiting times. The Smart Zone Manager automatically controls the flow of customers in the checkout or service area. Cash registers or counters are marked as "vacant" or "occupied" with a simple traffic light system.

The result: customers can see at a glance which checkouts or service areas are vacant. Waiting times are minimised, and customer satisfaction increases.

In addition, an employee call can be triggered when the Smart Zone Manager detects that a customer is waiting at a service counter. In this way, you optimise your staff deployment and shorten your customers' waiting times.

Traffic light system checkout area Decathlon
At the decathlon outlet in Weiterstadt, Germany, the Smart Zone Manager shows which self checkout is vacant or occupied.

With the automatic traffic light system from xplace, our customers can immediately see from the colour of the displays which cash register is vacant. This service makes shopping faster, easier and more relaxing.

Ronald Stark, Store Manager at Decathlon Weiterstadt

How the Smart Zone Manager works

Smart Zone Manager Sensor grreen
Smart Zone Manager Sensor red

Sensors detect when a person enters a predefined area. This can be a service counter, a cash register or an info desk.

A digital signage screen displays automatically  a "vacant" or "occupied screen. This allows customers to identify a vacant desk or cash register at a glance.

Better service with an automatic service call

For optimal staff deployment at service and information desks, there is our optional automatic staff call: When a customer enters the area in front of an unoccupied counter, a service call is automatically triggered. This ensures that waiting times are shortened and your staff deployment is optimised.

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