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POS conversion optimisation – end-to-end approach

conversion optimisation at the pos

When shopping, customers expect a seamless journey on both online and offline channels. At the POS, retailers have to offer added value that excels the convenience of e-commerce and focusses on consumer wishes. Successful retailers dovetail the shopping channels, creating an end-to-end customer journey.


Connecting online and offline touch-points

Customers expect the same level of service from bricks-and-mortar retail outlets as from e-commerce: that means, a wide selection of products, a fast route to the right product and feedback from the customer community. Plus, they expect an emotional experience from the brand that comes from trying, touching and testing. xplace digital touch-points transfer the benefits of e-commerce to bricks-and-mortar retail outlets and by doing to make real omni-channel possible. Emotional brand experiences, interactive solutions and new technologies provide a comprehensive in-store experience, from the moment the customer enters the store to the checkout.

With more than 50 POS solutions, xplace covers all the relevant touch-points for digitalising the customer journey at the POS. These include digital signage, electronic price labels and digital product advice applications. Our own innovations and partnerships with start-up companies provide even further impetus.


Optimising sales conversion rates with innovative POS solutions

Digital solutions from xplace influence and control the customer journey at the POS. We design the individual end-to-end customer journey in partnership with our clients. We create an optimal approach to the customer at all relevant touch-points. The result is a solid strategic base for improving conversion rates at the POS.

Use cases  demonstrate how we effectively we translate strategic goals into successful Omni-channel concepts:


WeView consumer reviews at the POS

1. E-commerce services at the POS

LInking electronic price labels and digital signage with artificial intelligence

2. AI-assisted promotion


3. Measure product interest & conversion

xplace terminal Paul the robot

4. Enhanced shopping experience


Merging online and offline channels at the smart store

coco the Omnichannel platform for the Point of Sale

Retailers often lack the full view on the customer journey, because relevant online and offline touchpoints are not interlinked. Real Omnichannel merges all sales channels and data from all relevant systems, from e-commerce and POS touchpoints to ERP and CRM systems. With coco, xplace drives forward the approach of merging all touchpoints to an end-to-end customer journey. By making full use of POS data analysis, you can further optimize the customer journey and obtain comprehensive conversion insights.


coco collects and processes data from digital touchpoints and other data systems and translates these data into valuable and flexible conversion charts. You can use these insights for:

  • Real-time analysis of customer behaviour and conversion of products or product groups   
  • AI-based control of campaigns and performance measurement in the store
  • Influence of external factors, e.g. weather, on product popularity and price sensitivity
  • Analysis of the KPI of your digititalization project
What can we do for you?

Arrange a free kick-off meeting and find out more about innovative POS solutions for the end-to-end customer journey. We explain the principle of the 'coco' data platform and offer insights into the potentials to be gained from linking online and offline touch-points.

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Marco Wassermann, xplace CEO and co-founder

Marco Wassermann
CEO and co-founder

workshop [at] xplace.de

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