Enhancing customer advisory expertise

E-commerce is growing steadily, leaving bricks-and-mortar retail behind. Retailers need to focus on their strengths by offering personal customer service and a unique shopping experience. xplace delivers digital solutions that enhance the quality of customer advice significantly.

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digital solutions for product advice

Optimising the customer journey

Finding the right product can be a real challenge for customers. In the worst case, it can even result in the customer abandoning his purchase. xplace implements numerous digital advisory applications that support customers at closely connected touch-points on the customer journey. They provide extensive product information and also allow staff from other departments to give qualified customer advice. Our solutions also guide customers through the whole product range when there are no staff available. Shopping becomes a relaxed and positive experience for customers.

xplace digital advisory applications simplify the product search and support the purchasing decision:

  •    Quick in-store orientation with in-store navigation
  •     Purchasing assistance with interactive solutions for product comparison and testing
  •     Product ratings to assist in making purchasing decisions
  •     Support for staff during sales talks with product and price information
  •     CRM registration: personalised advice based on previous preferences
  •     Shelf extension: access to the retailer’s online store at the product shelf, extending the product range available in the store
Bring online commerce to your store
This multichannel terminal delivers your online offerings right to your retail outlet.
Support personal advice
This and other applications assist your staff during one-to-one sales talks.

Interactively assist and guide purchasing decisions

xplace digital advisory tools have a direct influence on the customer's purchasing decision. Used at a variety of different touch-points on the customer journey, they can increase the conversion rate at the POS.

For a comprehensive view of the customer journey at the POS, further tools are required, however, such as digital signage or electronic price labels. Optimisation can only succeed if the entire customer journey is taken into account instead of isolated solutions. The individual solutions need to work together. We therefore develop an end-to-end customer journey with our customers that fulfils this requirement and also focuses on the customer's needs.


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