Digital signage for intelligent in-store promotion

The growing demands of customers for an individual, digital shopping experience pose new challenges for retailers. Effective digital signage tools allow promotional content to be targeted to increase customer attention and influence customer journeys at the POS.

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Transport emotions with Digital Signage

Digital signage thought one step ahead

Large-format LED walls and emotional brand content on in-store TV influence the quality of the experience at the POS and increase customer attention. Used at various touch-points on the sales floor, digital signage tools facilitate corporate branding throughout the entire customer journey, from the outlet window to the checkout desk. This facilitates the more targeted placement of brand and promotional content. Along with customisable standard solutions, we design and develop eye-catching showroom applications and by doing so deliver trends to the sales floor.

Intelligent content control via an innovative technology mix

xplace develops solutions for the criteria-based management of promotional and brand content. Our specially developed BEECEEN content management system facilitates the flexible and intelligent control of content. Combining all the relevant touch points at the POS facilitates a targeted and individualised approach to customers at the POS. The following scenarios are conceivable here:  

  • Digital signage and electronic price labels: if the price of an article is set down, the product is automatically promoted on the in-store TV. The "Strawberry" case study very clearly shows how this can look in practice.
  • Digital signage and product advisory terminals: if a customer is searching for a vacuum cleaner on an interactive advisory terminal, matching vacuum cleaner bag offers are also displayed which encourage additional purchases.

With the help of these diverse application options that xplace digital signage solutions provide, customer journeys are optimised and customer satisfaction and conversion rates increased.


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