Dynamic price management with ESL

Digitalisation is changing people's purchasing habits. Online offerings make prices transparent and comparable for customers. Electronic price labels facilitate dynamic price changes that take account of factors such as competition or stock level and meet new requirements.

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Electronic price labels

Synchronous prices on all channels

The synchronisation of online and offline prices and simultaneous updates across all channels deliver a variety of advantages for customers and retailers. Rapidly changing online offerings can also be transferred to the POS. This reduces the number of purchases customers abandon, who always have the online price in view. The central control of all prices generates reliable data congruence between online store, cash register and shelf. Prices can be adjusted within seconds over the ERP system.

The use of dynamic pricing tools also reduces costs and by doing so increases profitability. The amount of work involved in updating prices is considerably reduced and the burden on staff significantly lessened. Links to additional product information or test videos over a QR code facilitate a cross-channel shopping experience and assist customers in making their purchasing decisions.

Extended capabilities

xplace integrates dynamic pricing applications on different product-related solutions and not just classic shelf labels. This expands the range of applications. We increase the benefit to the customer by providing additional product information and integrating it into advisory applications.

Digital price overlays on TV
TV-L - Digital price overlays on TV
NoTes shows prices and enables testing
SmarTS, TaCT and NoTeS allow you to display prices directly on the device

xplace is an experienced systems integrator for electronic price labels

xplace supports its customers throughout the entire project, ranging from conceptual design and project planning to installation and service management. As a manufacturer-independent systems integrator, we recommend the best software and hardware for your specific project and integrate it into the existing IT landscapes. We customise the product to your individual needs by enhancing the software and dashboard and integrating templates. With over 12 million labels installed at Media Markt and Saturn, xplace has achieved the world's largest ESL roll-out to date. As a result, we have gained valuable practical expertise in software and hardware specifications, project management and roll-out management, and are now familiar with the complexities of the system during day-to-day operation.


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