Use Cases of innovative POS solutions

New technologies and emotional brand presentations inspire customers and create added value for online shopping. Our best practices show how xplace digital touch-points positively influence the customer journey at the POS and by doing so enhance sales conversion rates.

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innovative POS solutions

The emotional and interactive shopping experience

An interactive kiosk application assists Paul the robot at selected Saturn stores in Germany and Austria and provides information about product features and locations.

As a "digital receptionist", Paul says hello to customers, masters casual small talk and takes them directly to the product they are looking for. While Paul is on the move, customers can call up information about the product and its location on the kiosk touch screen. Project Paul shows how the interaction with digital systems contributes to a positive shopping experience and increases customer satisfaction.

The project was realised in cooperation with MediaSaturn N3xt.

xplace terminal Paul the robot

The benefits of e-commerce at the POS

Customer reviews, product ratings and test videos have become an integral part of online business. In fact, they represent some of the most important factors for sales conversion rates. The start-up, weview GmbH, and xplace have developed a solution to deliver product test videos from online users to the POS. This allows the retailer to deliver the kind of product advice that customers know and value from e-commerce. This results in more customer satisfaction, fewer abandoned purchases and an increased sales conversion rate.

Read more in the WeView case study

Weview customer reviews at the POS
WeView customer reviews via QR code to a smartphone

AI-supported promotion with digital signage and electronic shelf labels

AI-controlled dynamic pricing combined with digital signage increases both customer retention and your earnings. This demonstrates our “strawberry case”:

With a customized interface provided by xplace, digital signage content is managed automatically depending on the price of a certain product. When the price of strawberries falls under a certain threshold, they are advertised on digital signage screens together with cake bases. When their price rises again, the digital signage content also changes, following the dynamic pricing arithmetic.


This is a project in cooperation with prudsys AG.


Image and brand communication

The Miele washing machine presentation represents a unique and interactive virtual product experience. It presents the technology integrated into an everyday domestic appliance in an exciting and interactive way. The combination of a real appliance and virtual effects shows the innovative power of MIELE. Watch here:

More about the Miele washing machine


Consistent and dynamic pricing - online and offline

The synchronisation of online and offline pricing and simultaneous updates on all channels facilitates the implementation of electronic price labels. They form the condition for dynamic pricing and linking both channels. Standard online and offline prices reduce the number of abandoned purchases and by doing so contribute to the optimisation of conversion rates. xplace has launched the world's largest ESL roll-out for Media Saturn, with over 10 million price labels in 1,000 stores throughout Europe.

Read more in the case study about the ESL Rollout for Media Saturn

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