xplace at the EuroShop 2017

Digital Signage for the future: the company xplace will showcase its com­pre­hensive digital solutions for the digital trans­for­mation of the POS at EuroShop in Düs­seldorf. The full service provider and European market leader aims at making the point of sale exciting for shoppers.

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Com­pre­hensive Digital Solutions: Omnichannel-Concepts by xplace at the EuroShop 2017

(Göttingen, 2017-02-07)

The suc­cessful trans­for­mation of the point of sale in the retail sector requires well-conceived com­pre­hensive digital solutions. According to this motto, xplace will present its broad portfolio of com­pre­hensive omnichannel-solutions at EuroShop in Düs­seldorf from 5th to 9th March 2017.

Clients often already have a precise task for us that a digital product may implement – for example more quality service, better product management or inter­con­nected dis­tri­bution channels on the surface, means Arne Jür­gensen, CEO at xplace GmbH. “In such cases, we can offer the full spectrum of digital customer com­mu­ni­cation and omnichannel solutions from one single source. We provide our clients with a precise impact and a single point of contact”

At EuroShop 2017, xplace will showcase its last product deve­lopments for dif­ferent retail sectors. Solutions for elec­tronic retailers, for fashion retailers, for food retail trade and for the do-it-yourself sector will be pre­sented with the aid of dif­ferent use cases. In this regard, xplace will rely on the effective interplay of inno­vative tech­nology, efficient software and brilliant images on screens and video walls.

One of the high­lights of the xplace presence at the fair: Elec­tronic Shelf Labels (ESL), which xplace will show in all retail sectors. “We would like to put our inter­na­tional expertise as a producer-independent and cross-sector inte­grator of ESL into the right light”, con­tinues Jürgensen.

At EuroShop, xplace will also showcase the LED Video Wall with its impressive radiance as well as dif­ferent multichannel-solutions, which show how a cross-distribution channel shopping expe­rience on the surface can become reality.
In Düs­seldorf, the name xplace is well-known. Since October 2016, xplace products are part of the Expe­rience Store “exp 37” in the creative district Düsseldorf-Derendorf. The aim of the showroom is to show how products in the fashion retail sector can be set in scene with the aid of digital systems so that an emo­tional shopping expe­rience can be created.
At EuroShop 2017, the xplace-team will welcome the fair visitors in Halle 03/G86.


About xplace

xplace GmbH is the European market leader for digital mul­tichannel and brand com­mu­ni­cation at the point of sale. Its solutions offer com­pre­hensive infor­mation and inspi­ration for a cross-channel customer expe­rience. xplace covers a unique spectrum of instruments for retail and brands. These include mul­tichannel solutions, elec­tronic shelf labels, PoS-terminals and service-software as well as Instore-TV.


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