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Digital POS Solutions for Omnichannel retail

Transforming challenges into solutions

xplace is an international solution provider and system integrator that specialises in digitalising the customer journey at the POS. We support your digitalisation project with services ranging from strategic consulting to successfully implementing retail space concepts. We are the link to e-commerce in Omnichannel retail.

Open up the data black box at the POS

Gain conversion insights and transfer the success of ecommerce

POS data and the knowledge about consumers are the new oil of retail. At the moment, real insights are coming from ecommerce alone. The true treasure of brick-and-mortar retail is still hidden in a black box. Retail should open up the data black box and win conversion insights. This works with a seamless customer journey online and offline and a strong customer focus.

Increase turnover and conversion

With conversion insights, retail and manufacturers can identify optimization potentials at the POS. They can then deduct recommended procedures for stock, staff and processes. The result is a sustainable increase in turnover and conversion.

Data generation at the POS

Profit from innovations and practical know-how

xplace conceptualizes and realises digital touchpoints and interconnects them with 'coco', the AI-controlled data platform for conversion insights at the POS. This creates the basis for real omnichannel retail.
xplace is a consultant and system integrator with over 15 years of international POS experience. We know the needs and issues of brick and mortar retail. We therefore provide all services with a strong practical focus.

xplace is the partner at your side for your end-to-end project. Benefit from our long-term experience in POS digitalisation!

POS Consulting Workshops

POS Consulting: Workshop formats

Understand customers, analyse data und develop business cases. We help you to close the gaps on the path to Omnichannel retail.

coco the omnichannel pos platform

coco – the Omnichannel POS platform

The AI-controlled data platform 'coco' creates the technical fundament for real Omnichannel and sustainable conversion optimization at the POS.

Miele customer reference xplace

References and customer projects

Individual digitalisation projects in various industries. Learn more about our case studies and references from retail.

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