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Digital signage is the use of screens instead of printed shop elements. xplace offers you 20 years of experience in a wide variety of digital signage projects - and a comprehensive range of services including in-house content management software.

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  • Combining the analogue and digital worlds in the retail shop
  • Relieve employees and donate time for personal customer care
  • Optimise sales promotion and shopping experience

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Wide range of applications Digital signage for your customer communication:

Never swap posters again Current advertising in real time

Digital signage replaces the classic poster and thus makes it possible to swap advertising in the store with just a few clicks - in one branch or in all of them.

With designed templates, creating offers is even faster. With a connection to your online shop, images and prices always remain up-to-date.

Whether the advertising is successful can be measured - with specialised AB tests or with the help of in-store analytics.

Real-time advertising through digital signage from xplace
Digital signage with advertising time marketing as refinancing
Screen advertising Digital signage with refinancing

Screens in the store achieve a high level of attention, which you can
can use for yourself - or your advertising partners. Place parts or the
The entire playing time is available for third-party marketing. Either with self-organised advertising partnerships or completely automated via programmatic advertising according to VAST standard.
Thanks to the intuitive Content Management Software BEECEEN you always remain in control.

Emotion & Mood Digital signage designs rooms

Use screens to create a special atmosphere in your branches. From activating animations to high-quality image films and calm information offers - digital signage creates a mood both consciously and subconsciously.  

Digital signage designs rooms and conveys mood and emotions
Digital signage with news and weather information attracts attention
Always an eye-catcher News from the world and the weather

With news and weather information, everyone is watching. Use news feeds to entertain customers in waiting areas or mix news into your general playlists to make customers look even more often - and increase the attention for your advertising even more.

Inform customers correctly Digital signage as an information medium

Digitise your floor display or information boards to update information faster. Split the screen space into information and advertising to present relevant offers to your customers while they get informed.

Digital signage as an information medium as a floor display in a department store
Large-scale digital signage thanks to LED walls and video walls
Pure emotion! LED Walls & Videowalls

Large-scale digital signage appeals to everyone - whether with emotionally charged videos or eye-catching advertising. Planning and integrating creative special formats into your shop concept is no problem thanks to xplace's years of experience.

The presentation of goods that no one else has Content on TVs, notebooks, tablets & smartphones

Electronics retailers have specific customer experience requirements for products on display. Play every display device that has a screen with suitable content and show current prices and features - this relieves the service team in their daily work, while the product tables become eye-catchers.

Digital signage as a presentation of goods with content on TVs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones

Investment security thanks to success control

Digital signage can achieve hard and soft communication goals support - and these successes are measurable. 

xplace advises you in advance which solutions are suitable for your goals and suggests methods to ensure success at an early stage:

  • To measure sales targets, AB tests are suitable
  • In order to measure visitors and dwell times, the following are suitable Instore Analytics
  • To test individual solutions, we offer minimal implementations ("MVP")

Digital signage expertise What xplace offers you:

Your start with digital signage Our Starter Sets

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Digital signage success stories Pure customer satisfaction:
Our passion.

What digital signage can really achieve?

Increased turnover, efficient staff deployment, doubling of in-store dwell time, measurable conversion increase and satisfied customers. We identify customer journeys, optimise your in-store communication and build bridges to e-commerce. With us, you don't just sell products, you sell digital experiences.

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    Combining the analogue and digital worlds in the retail shop
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    Relieve employees and donate time for personal customer care
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    Optimise sales promotion and shopping experience

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