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Instore Analytics Understanding what is really happening in the shop thanks to sensors

Instore analytics are diverse and established: a wide variety of key figures can be determined with current sensors. xplace advises and implements the digital signage technologies that bring your POS to the forefront!

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xplace offers various analysis methods to make your customers' behaviour measurable. From simple visitor counting to complex heat maps - your market research questions decide which technology is right for you.

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Your shops are not a black box! Make customer behaviour visible through retail analytics!

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Prove instead of guess Instore analytics software provides security

How attractive is your store front? Count passers-by and visitors and thus measure your skimming rate

The introduction to in-store analytics: the catch rate can be used to determine how many passers-by have actually become store visitors at which times of the day. Special 3D sensors count people in front of the shop and in the entrance - anonymously and DSGVO-compliant.

The data goes to an evaluation platform in real time and is visible in the form of vivid graphics. Further features such as gender information or currently advertised topics create an increasingly accurate picture of different customer personas.

Sensors can be used to count visitors and measure skimming rates
xplace sensors enable the measurement of the time customers spend in the store
How interesting is the presentation of the goods really? Measure dwell time in front of shop window, shelf or waiting area

With the help of 3D vision sensors, dwell times of people in front of shelves, special manufacturer displays, shop windows, cash registers or all individual areas with particular relevance can be measured and compared.

Answer the key questions of your shop design: 

> Is the offer interesting enough for customers to stay there?

> Is the offer clear enough so that customers don't linger too long? 

Visitors trigger content Let your screens respond to customers - actively appealing or discreetly influencing them

Moving images attract more attention - increase this by reacting to approaching visitors via sensor!

When a person enters a defined area, your screen can automatically point out special offers or direct visitors in a specific direction.

When there are no visitors around, your screen can automatically dim and you save significant energy.

Visitor triggers a specific content thanks to a sensor, which is shown on a display

Instore analytics as a basis for Data-based decisions

In-store analytics and IoT technologies provide insights into the customer journey at the point of sale. They provide classic in-store customer analyses such as catch rate and heat mapping or collect data on dwell time, return rate or search behaviour. Special cameras even recognise the gender, age group or mood of the customer. Interest in individual products is also measured with digital counselling applications or innovative sensors can be evaluated.

Instore analytics are therefore an excellent way to make the success of advertising measures measurable in the store. Sensors do not necessarily have to be brought into every shop - sensor setups in one or two stores are often enough to get results that help the entire chain.

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