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Digital offer poster in use at Media Markt

Digital solutions for exceptional shopping experiences

The display magazine provides an overview of the modern customer approach, interactive content and other digital topics that drive retail. Also included: digital offer posters that can use our in-house CMS BEECEEN to present content such as images, text and graphics in an appealing way using templates and the connection to product databases.
Drum department at Musikhaus Thomann with digital signage multichannel solution from xplace

Unmistakable shopping experience in Europe's largest music store

The music store Thomann relies on innovative multichannel communication with interactive digital signage solutions. Thanks to audio and video content, digital screens communicate and interact with visitors in a unique way and enable a flexible and individually controllable customer approach.
Digital in-store experience at Thomann Music

Retail is going digital

In an interview with Wirtschaftsforum, CEO Frank Hagemann talks about the challenges and opportunities in modern retail. In addition to tried-and-tested digital signage solutions, topics such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and sensor technology are also high on xplace's agenda.
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