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Industries Digital signage - better digital communication with customers and employees in all industries

Digital signage is a real all-rounder when it comes to presenting information in an appealing and effective way. From retail to catering to healthcare - its versatility makes it a valuable tool for digital communication in a wide range of industries.

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Digital signage in retail is the turbo for the shopping experience. Digital screens and interactive touchpoints speak directly to customers and sustainably improve the shopping experience. By dynamically adapting the content, retailers can react faster to market changes.

Digital signage in retail is a real game changer. It links the digital with the analogue world and turns a visit to the shop into an interactive experience.

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In shopfitting, digital signage is the icing on the cake of customer engagement. Instead of static signs, retailers can now respond to customers' needs in real time: Daily offers, product recommendations or even personalised messages are presented on smart screens.

Digital signage in shopfitting not only creates a modern store design, but is also a powerful tool for increasing sales and customer loyalty. 

Digital signage from xplace in shopfitting

Fashion & Sport

In the fashion and sports sector, visual appearance plays a decisive role and digital signage offers an innovative way of optimising this.

Dynamic product presentations allow stores to present their fashion and sporting goods in an appealing way, highlight trends and inspire customers. Interactive displays show personalised offers and not only attract attention, but also create a modern shopping experience that inspires and retains customers.


The traditional way of interacting with customers is being redefined with digital signage solutions in the automotive industry. From dynamic advertising displays in showrooms to interactive touchscreens for product configurations, digital solutions offer an immersive experience. With customised content presentation, automotive companies can effectively communicate their brand message and strengthen customer loyalty.

By integrating digital signage into showrooms and service centres, the customer journey becomes more seamless and informative, improving the buying and servicing experience.


Digital signage in the hospitality industry is the waiter who never sleeps - attentive, informative and always up-to-date. From dynamic menus to happy hour announcements, technology not only spices up the ambience but also optimises service.

So digital signage offers much more than visual flair, it is a powerful tool for increasing sales and customer service. Gastronomy 2.0, served on a silver platter!

Digital signage solutions for the catering industry


Digital signage is a versatile communication tool in the healthcare sector. From pharmacies to waiting rooms to hospital corridors, digital signage provides patients and visitors with up-to-date news, health tips and signposts that reduce stress and improve orientation.

By integrating digital signage, healthcare facilities can also communicate important messages quickly and effectively, optimise staff resources and improve the overall patient experience.

Digital price tags from xplace in a pharmacy

These industries are just a few examples, and the applications of digital retail technologies are many. Businesses in many different sectors can benefit from these technologies to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

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