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LED walls Vivid images magically attract customers and increase sales

Present your advertising messages, products and services effectively with the help of LED walls, attract your customers' attention and significantly improve the shopping experience.

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Top price Professional LED wall in starter pack

Are you interested in an LED wall, but can't yet visualise how it will look in your surroundings and where it will have the greatest effect? Provide us with photos from your shop and we will visualise your future LED advertising space. One of our employees will be happy to visit you in person and advise you free of charge.
We accompany you from the very beginning of your digital signage project.

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LED Walls Top price for your starter pack

Earn money with LED walls your investment pays off with advertising time sales

Selling advertising time with the help of digital signage How does that work? Let us explain.

Would you like to sell advertising time and earn money with it?

The LED walls in your shop attract attention and you can utilise this attention effectively - either for your own advertising purposes or in cooperation with advertising partners. You have the option of making either part or all of the advertising time available for marketing by third parties. This can be done either through independent advertising partnerships or fully automatically in accordance with the VAST standard via programmatic advertising. With our user-friendly content management software BEECEEN you retain full control over this process at all times.

Successful LED projects from xplace

xplace and the music store Thomann have set themselves the goal of building the biggest & coolest music store in the world. xplace supported us professionally in all digital topics, such as ESL, product steles and LED technology. Together, we installed several LED walls on our sales floors to present customers with extended product information in a digital setting and to emotionally stimulate purchases. A professional, friendly and successful cooperation from start to finish.

Revolutionary digital signage solutions from xplace: LED walls for your retail shop

Finding innovative ways to engage customers and enhance the shopping experience is increasingly important in the digital world. LED solutions have the ability to transform the shop into an engaging and interactive environment that intrigues and informs customers.

What is meant by the term LED wall?

LED walls are high-resolution display systems consisting of a large number of LED modules. These modules are extremely flexible and can be assembled in different shapes and sizes to meet the individual requirements of a retail shop. They offer vivid colours, high brightness and razor-sharp image quality that catches the eye.

Possible uses of LED walls in retail shops

  • Product presentation: LED walls are perfect for displaying products in vivid colour and detail. You can use high-resolution images and videos to convince customers of the quality and features of your products.
  • Advertising and promotion: Use LED walls to effectively communicate special offers, promotions and advertising messages. The dynamic nature of these displays makes it possible to update content quickly and respond to seasonal changes.
  • Digital signposts: Use LED modules as interactive signposts to guide customers through your shop. With animated arrows and text, you can optimise customer routes and offer them a seamless shopping experience.
  • Information and entertainment: Inform your customers about your products, brand stories or even live feeds from social media. This creates an entertaining and informative environment that keeps customers in the shop longer.

The use of LED walls, LED walls and LED modules in retail shops as digital signage is a smart investment in the future of retail. These innovative solutions make it possible to inspire customers, present products effectively and optimise the shopping experience. Increase your visibility, sales and customer loyalty through the use of LED displays and stay one step ahead of the competition. As a full-service provider, xplace will be happy to assist you in realising your digital signage needs.

How to be seen Advantages of using LED walls

Sales promotion for your shop Generate more sales through dynamic product presentation

LED walls are a powerful addition to your shop to increase sales and improve the customer experience. Intelligent recommendations on LED walls encourage customers to make additional purchases and increase the possibility of cross-selling and up-selling within your product portfolio. Retailers can display current offers and special promotions in real time to encourage your visitors and customers to make impulse purchases.

Sales promotion with LED walls
LED walls in shop windows attract the attention of passers-by
Attract attention Real eye-catchers that attract customers and keep them in the shop

LED walls magically attract the attention of shop visitors and customers and increase your visibility. An eye-catcher with lively content that arouses curiosity! As an eye-catcher in the shop window, the LED wall attracts the attention of passers-by and draws them into the shop. There you can score points with personalised advice and guide your potential customers towards a purchase decision. You can also use LED walls on the shop floor to entertain shop visitors and increase dwell time. LED walls are also perfect for reinforcing and effectively communicating your brand message.


Customer loyalty & customer satisfaction Respond flexibly and interactively to the needs of your customers

Thanks to the ability to change content dynamically, you can respond directly to customer-specific enquiries and display up-to-date information. With personalised offers and recommendations, you as a retailer can strengthen the bond with your customers. With our BEECEEN content management system, LED walls can be easily updated with the desired content and adapted to changing customer needs. This creates an interactive shopping experience, improves customer satisfaction and promotes customer loyalty.

LED wall is used to address customers individually and thus increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
XPERION Berlin Customer story

XPERION Berlin is an impressive gaming experience on an area of 2,200 square metres. 

The absolute highlight is the arena with stage! There is space for up to 150 people to enjoy events to the full. From concerts and live shows to creator events and, of course, eSports events, Saturn's XPERION offers a varied weekly programme for every taste. At the eSports events, visitors can watch the best live. 

The events are impressively supported by the large-format LED walls that we were allowed to install there.

Thomann Customer story

An interactive, sensor-controlled LED tunnel connects two building units at Musikhaus Thomann. When entering the LED tunnel, the presence detector sends data to a server, which the connected player queries and reacts to. A content switch takes place and the sound system is activated - an impulsive drum solo triggered by the visitor makes the "Drums product world" an active experience.

In the guitar department and the LED tunnel, three large-format LED walls (16:9; 4.20 x 2.36 metres) were installed in the gold standard 
 (incl. glass surface sealing), The LED technology of the upper class is used as a real communication all-rounder. They are used for extraordinary customer attraction as well as for sensor-controlled content playout, classic digital signage applications, self-marketing, training purposes and presentations.

Twelve individual LED panels (special dimensions: 25:2; length: 4 metres), which are integrated in the head area of the merchandise shelves, provide an excellent digital presentation of first-class musical instruments and offer the opportunity for cross-selling and upselling presentations. Dedicated BEECEEN channels are used to allude to the LED panels on the merchandise displays, allowing each display to be supplied with content separately. In the BEECEEN backend, the individual channels are combined into a multichannel and content is only output using a single digital signage player. This type of implementation saves hardware, space and energy.

Miele Customer story

With the Miele Experience Centre, we are fulfilling our customers' desire to be present in prime locations in major cities in order to appeal to premium brand customers and increase sales. More digitalisation in the stores also makes it possible to use smaller sales areas in city centres.

The two LED walls installed in the shop window offer the opportunity to present the brand and products and to enter into dialogue with passers-by before they even enter the store. Large-format LED walls serve as eye-catchers for prospective and existing customers and persuade passers-by to enter the shop. They even act as a kind of sales staff, attracting attention and helping to increase sales and customer loyalty.


Do you want to buy an LED wall? We offer the professional LED wall at a top price

We provide you with professional LED walls in various sizes and shapes from brand manufacturers. For your first LED video wall, you will find a starter package at a great price below. In addition to the services in the starter package, we offer you many other options. We will be happy to advise you free of charge.

Why does xplace have the top offer for your LED wall?

  • including replacement material
    (Pixel cards - these are produced at the same time as the LED wall and could not be reordered without visible differences)
  • All inclusive: Hardware + Software + Services
  • Quick installation
  • Staff training
  • Simple operation
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • Upgrade & individual modification & permanent support possible at any time
  • Additional services: Shipping, active monitoring, on-site support

Professional LED wall in starter pack


  • Size: 135" (WxH 3m x 1.687m - 16:9)
  • Resolution: 1152 x 648 pixels
  • Brightness 1,000 nits
  • LED Wall Controller
  • BEECEEN Player & 3 months licence Core
  • Wall bracket
  • Live training
  • incl. replacement material (pixel cards)
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