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Digital price tags The efficient price labelling for your shop

Electronic price tags reduce costs for brick-and-mortar retailers. Say goodbye to paper labels, time-consuming price labelling and incorrect prices on products and the associated loss of margin. 

Starter pack The easy way to get started with electronic price labelling.

xplace makes it possible. Try it out and order an inexpensive ESL starter kit with many included services! One of our employees will also be happy to visit you in person and demonstrate the use of digital price tags live. This allows you to touch the product and understand it even better.
We accompany you from the very beginning of your digital signage project. 

Don't miss this opportunity and secure your starter pack now!

Electronic price labelling Ensures more turnover

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Individual solutions

Electronic price tags from xplace - what you can expect from us?

As we are manufacturer-independent, we can offer you a diverse product portfolio adapted to your requirements and areas of application. Digital price tags are available in many different sizes and four colours to display the content.
Depending on your wishes, you can get 3- or 4-colour displays, different frame colours such as black, white and anthracite or even individualised snap-ons for your electronic price labelling. From xplace you get digital price tags that are equipped with energy-efficient e-paper technology and are easy to read in any light.

Thanks to NFC technology, it is possible to provide your customers with additional information such as product details (e.g. example ingredients and product data sheets) via the label. Electronic price tags can also be used to redirect to your e-commerce platform or your own web shop. This is how you bring the online shopping experience into your store. Even payment at the shelf or the implementation of self-scanning at the checkout can be enabled in combination with electronic price tags.

Your all-round carefree package for digital price labels

For your entry into digital price labelling, we offer you an all-round carefree package including hardware, software and services. Regardless of the size of your business and whether you want to buy or lease, we will find the right offer for you.

Simplify your price labelling Advantages digital price tags

More time for your customers Generate more turnover through individual customer advice

Free up valuable resources in the shop and give your staff more time for what really counts - personal customer care. The time normally required to change or update paper labels can now be invested in increasing customer satisfaction. 

Because satisfied customers are the most loyal customers.

Advantages of digital price tags in pharmacies
No incorrect price labelling thanks to digital price tags
No incorrect price labelling Transparent prices for your customers and fewer margin losses

Electronic price tags prevent incorrect prices on the product. Prices are displayed in real time and error-free, as they are directly controlled by your central data system. This way, you not only avoid administrative effort, but also display prices transparently for your customers. In addition, digital price tags allow for dynamic adjustment. You can edit your prices flexibly - depending on the market situation, demand or seasonal changes. This makes you more competitive and your business more agile.

Offer Highlights & Product Information additional and effective attention for your products

Digital price tags present offers and additional product information effectively and attract the attention of your customers - with creative designs, high-quality images and dynamic lighting effects. In addition, our price tags offer the option of providing further product information via QR codes or NFC technology. Your customers can use their smartphone to obtain detailed information about a product or go directly to the online shop. This offers clear added value for your customers and increases sales opportunities.

Communicate product information digitally with electronic price tags
WMF Customer story

Update prices synchronously in 100 branches throughout Germany!

With this wish, the specialist for household goods - WMF turned to the specialist for electronic price labelling. After a joint analysis phase, we developed a holistic concept for the conversion to ESL. From the determination of requirements per branch to delivery, installation, staff training and follow-up operation, the project was completely implemented by us. In the meantime, more than 130 branches in the DACH region are operated by xplace, and we even take care of the logistics and warehousing for digital price tags for WMF.

Media Markt Saturn Customer story

Media Saturn is Europe's leading omni-channel consumer electronics retailer.

The foundation for this was laid back in 2015 and xplace was involved in a leading role.

We were the international system integrator for the ESL rollout in all countries of the Media Saturn companies. From requirements analysis, planning, logistics, infrastructure and ESL installation to after-sales support, xplace was in charge of this project. Over 12 million ESL labels, thousands of access points and countless mounts were rolled out. In order to be able to reliably carry out the largest international ESL rollout to date, we worked together with the 2 largest manufacturers - SES-imagotag and SoluM.

Today, we still support the operation internationally and look after the stores, especially in the sustainable use of the hardware. Labels are sent to us in Göttingen, where they are functionally tested and cleaned if necessary, new batteries are inserted and the labels are sent back to the stores.

In this way, the already long lifetime of the hardware is sensibly maximised.

JB Toys Customer story

"We want to deal with our customers and the products, not with changing price labels" - ssaid Miriam Schimmang in our first conversation.

JB Spielwaren, an online retailer specialising in Lego and Lego collector's editions, operates a retail shop in Oberhausen in addition to its very popular online shop.

Lego is a highly emotional topic for children and adults. Lego enthusiasts have one thing in common: they are well informed about new, beautiful or rare Lego editions. Online, JB has been offering great product and price information for a long time - this should now also be the case in the shop, just in time for the completion of the shop expansion and the annual Star Wars event.

By linking the electronic price tags to the online shop, staff and customers can be sure that they always see the current price, wherever they are.

Thanks to the xplace ESL refurbishment, delivery times were extremely short and best of all, thanks to good documentation and training, the technophile JB employees were able to implement the project largely on their own.

Fakir Customer story

Manufacturers attach great importance to a uniform appearance of their brand stores and brand showrooms.

Fakir is one of the leading manufacturers of small electronic household appliances in Turkey. In order to keep up with the times with their retail shops from the very beginning and to ensure a consistent look & feel in the stores, electronic price tags were a must-have. Our subsidiary xplace in Istanbul was ready to support with its expertise and developed an implementation concept that guaranteed a fast and seamless integration, in line with the roadmap of Fakir's expansion. The first 8 stores were quickly equipped with ESL and more will follow - 20 brand stores in Turkey are the short-term goal.

In this way, the currently high and at the same time very volatile inflation can be taken into account and the prices in all stores are always up to date.

Thomann Customer story

Electronic price tags at Musikhaus Thomann help to update prices in real time and automatically thanks to the cloud-based connection. Valuable resources - employees who used to have to adjust prices manually can now devote their full attention to individual customer advice. Special holders made for Thomann ensure that the labels in large and small format with multicoloured content display are perfectly integrated into the shelves.

What do digital price tags cost? Not the world - compared to what you gain

Depending on the size of your business, the number of products you want to price and your personal requirements for your electronic price tags, we offer you many other options in addition to the services from the starter package.

Why does xplace have the top offer for digital price tags?

  • for any size of business from 1 branch
  • Various financing options: buying or leasing
  • All inclusive: Hardware + Software + Services
  • Quick installation
  • Staff training
  • Simple operation
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • Upgrade & individual modification & permanent support possible at any time

Starter pack for electronic price labelling


  • 50 digital price tags
  • 1 access point including ceiling bracket
  • 2.6" label size
  • 4 hours of technical support included
  • 3 months software licence free of charge
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