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Social media display How to get social media content onto your screens automatically

Today, social media is crucial for the visibility and success of a company. Integration into digital signage creates an interactive customer experience and increases brand awareness and sales.

Our interface also simplifies content maintenance for you.
The content of your social media can be used directly for InstoreTV without any additional effort.

We have been working successfully with xplace for some time now to provide our InstoreTVs with up-to-date content. In the past, our social media content was manually entered into the tool. Our wish to use a live interface to create a connection to the Instagram account and automatically display the desired feeds on the screens was quickly realised by xplace in a spirit of partnership. That was great. The new tool is a real benefit!

Free advice How does social media get onto your display?

Are you ready to discover the future of digital customer engagement in-store? Now you have the opportunity to test our Digital Signage CMS Use BEECEEN as an interface to your social media!

Why show social media content in-store?

  • Increase the length of time visitors spend in the shop
  • Increase sales promotion and customer loyalty
  • Relieve employees through automated playout
  • Increase online presence through integration in: Website, mobile app, intranet

Get started now with your social media display!

Are you passionate about maintaining your social media channels and want to display the content in your shop?

Turn visitors into customers by presenting inspiring content from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, X and more on an appealing social media wall in the store. Whether on a digital stele, a screen or a high-resolution LED wall - thanks to intelligent interface work, our digital signage enables you to CMS BEECEENto bring the content of your social media to the display.

With authentic contributions, you can spark enthusiasm for your brand among potential customers. In this way, you can promote a lively community and sustainable customer loyalty.

Your social media feeds can also be seamlessly integrated into multiple websites, mobile apps, the intranet and other digital screens. This way, you strengthen your online presence and increase the engagement of your target group at the same time. If we're not talking about the point of sale, social media walls are also perfect for event rooms and reception areas in your company.

What are the advantages of using our software?

  • Thanks to automated playout of social media content, the effort required for content maintenance is significantly reduced
  • Several social media platforms can be merged simultaneously to create a visually attractive mix
  • You determine in moderated processes whether content appears automatically or after approval
  • Optimised for mobile devices - content is automatically adapted to any screen size for an optimal user experience on all devices
  • Various display formats can be used for playout and embedded as often as required
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