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Offer poster Bring digital brochures quickly & easily to your retail shop

Digital offer posters in retail are effective for highlighting products and appealing to customers. With our digital signage CMS BEECEEN, you can easily and independently display the latest offers on your screens - direct access to your product database facilitates implementation.

Free Digital signage software
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Do you want to design your own digital offer posters quickly and easily? Take the opportunity now to test our digital signage CMS BEECEEN free of charge!


  • Bring brochure pages into the store quickly and easily
  • No complex IT knowledge required
  • Error avoidance during implementation through database connection
  • Optimise sales promotion and shopping experience
  • Savings on printing costs for paper advertising

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Digital Signage CMS BEECEEN for your offer poster Digital brochures quickly and easily on the display

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What do digital offer posters cost? Significantly less than paper advertising

Do you want to attract more customers in-store and increase sales? With our price package for digital offer posters - you get hardware and software in one. All product data is transferred from your database to displays, digital customer stoppers, LED walls and more.

Why does xplace have the top offer for your digital offer poster?

  • All inclusive: Hardware + Software + Services
  • Simple entry, without complex IT knowledge/database solutions
  • Training by our experts
  • Enormous time savings & simplified operation thanks to templates in the CMS
  • Savings on printing costs for paper advertising
  • Product information can be displayed on a variety of digital signage solutions

Promotional package Digital offer poster


  • 50" display including wall mount & player
  • BEECEEN core - CMS licence for 1 year
  • Integration of your product data via CSV
  • Online commissioning & training
Digital offer poster
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