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xplace at the EuroShop fair 2020

smart evolution of retail xplace und bison

Digital signage can do more as an element of an integrated IoT overall concept. Unleash the full potential of POS digitalisation and enter the next development stage of what we call the Smart Evolution of Retail. Learn how omnichannel becomes reality from the ideal. We'll show you how. At the EuroShop 2020.


From 16th to 20th February in Düsseldorf, hall 6, stand G41

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The Smart Evolution of Retail

We take the POS to the next level: By comprehensive integration of internal and external data sources, sensors as well as existing IT and signage resources, we take the next step with you on the way to the smart store. Our solutions create impressive customer experiences and enable comprehensive insights into visitor behaviour at the shop. Logical consequence and already possible today: efficient conversion optimisation at the POS using AI-based, data-driven playout of relevant content for a consistent omnichannel brand experience and a seamless customer journey.

Find out more at our stand at the EuroShop 2020!

Focus on next-generation Digital Retail

The one-stop partner for ESL projects

xplace und Bison kooperieren strategisch beim Thema ESL

At EuroShop 2020 we will be presenting ourselves together with our strategic partner Bison Schweiz AG. Together, we are the one-stop partner for hardware- and manufacturer-independent ESL projects. Our link is the shop shelf. Bison has special expertise in IT solutions for the product's way to the display. xplace is a specialist for the digitilisation of the customer journey at the POS and the customer's way to the product.

We will demonstrate to you at our stand what state-of-the-art ESL solutions look like today as part of an overall digital signage concept. Live data on visitor's interest in products and corresponding sales will be recorded and evaluated. Based on this data regarding customer behaviour, tailor-made advertising messages will be playing out on the digital touchpoints. Thus, electronic price labels and other signage elements enable you to improve your conversion rate at the POS.

More about ESL

Your Digital Retail cockpit

Funktionsweise POS-Datenplattform biscuit

xplace proudly presents "biscuit": The POS data platform is your digital retail cockpit:

  • biscuit analytics: View customer interaction data, connect it to your ERP and webshop data or external and internal sensors and draw conclusions about assortment or ad-campaign success. Location-accurate and product-specific.
  • biscuit campaign: See for yourself how our platform biscuit automatically plays out content based on data in order to create effective sales incentives.
  • biscuit monitoring: Monitor the technical status of your entire signage infrastructure, e.g. all your ESLs, regardless of manufacturer.

We link up all your IT resources to biscuit and connect online with offline for true omnichannel and a consistent customer journey. Contact us at our stand!

More about biscuit



Join our presentations upfront and during EuroShop 2020.

xplace-CEO Marco Wassermann talks on Omnichannel-Stage at the EuroShop 2020

What does e-commerce have what brick-and-mortar retail lacks?

The answer is quite easy: data and technology to use this data to optimise conversion. But what about stationary retail? It also has digital instruments and technology to generate relevant data. xplace-CEO Marco Wassermann presents use cases to show how this data is used for personalisation, automatisation and campaign management.

Wednesday, 19 February, 11.20 to 11.40 a.m., hall 6: Omnichannel-Stage

Visual Smart Retail Lounge

Smart retail talks at our stand

In our Smart Retail Lounge, experts from xplace and partners will provide insights into best practices and potentials of digital retail at the POS. Be sure to be there!

Smart Retail Lounge, xplace stand G41, hall 6

more info and programme

Meet us at the EuroShop & get a free ticket

Make an appointment with our experts at the stand now. We will be happy to answer your individual questions about the digitalisation of the POS and the possibilities of an integrated overall digital signage concept for your conversion optimisation. We will provide you with a free visitor ticket.

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