Efficient price setting with ESL

The use of electronic shelf labels (ESL) allows you to centrally control all prices. This ensures reliable congruence of data between the online shop, shelf and cash register. Prices can be adjusted flexibly over the ERP system in a matter of seconds. ESL lower the cost of updating prices significantly, reduce sources of error and relieve staff of extra work.

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Electronic Price Labels

Electronic price labels

Optimising conversions through cross-channel price management

Electronic price labels make sure that the right price appears on the right product with the right information. Changes in price are controlled automatically over an interface to the ERP system, special promotional prices are rolled out temporarily and automatically reset after the promotion has come to an end.

Consistent online and offline prices are an important factor in the seamless customer journey. Central management of prices creates reliable data congruence between the online store, cash register and shelf, and by doing so reduces the number of purchase cancellations of customers who always have their eye on the online price.


Elektronische Preisschilder Hardware

Diverse Technologies

The use of digital price labels goes far beyond the use of traditional labels on shelving systems. Advances in technology and hardware are constantly expanding the portfolio of solutions available. Whether shelf label, screen overlay, software feature or digital poster – we can deliver a suitable digital pricing solution for virtually every requirement.

More usage options

Digital pricing can also be used for articles such as smartphones, notebooks, tablets or TVs. In addition to the price, these digital price overlays also show extra product information. As part of product advice applications, the price overlays encourage customers to test the devices. The applications themselves protect against unauthorised access and changing passwords.

Digital pricing thought further

The benefits of e-commerce at the POS

Services and features that customers are familiar with from e-commerce can be transferred to the POS by connecting them to external systems (online store, ERP system, social media feed, etc.). Via QR code, customers get to see additional product information, test videos or online reviews. Recommendations by other customers and even staff members can be shown directly on the label.

Similarly, e-commerce and ERP systems provide data on the competition or on stock levels. Properly networked, this data provide information for automated price adjustments. Constantly changing online offers are registered within seconds and are transferred dynamically to the point of sale. Retailers continue to remain competitive.

Our goal is to offer the best possible service. Precise and current prices plus product information are indispensable. Thanks to our permanent partner, xplace, we could realise our ESL project in the record time of three months in 30 Media Markt stores in Russia.

Dirk Schröder, Head of Sales Media Markt Russia

Our range of services

Our international, manufacturer-independent expertise places us in the perfect position to implement ESL solutions throughout the entire stationary retail sector. As an experienced full-service provider, we implement your projects in their entirety, ranging from the original concept to monitoring during ongoing operations. See how we successfully rolled out over 12 million labels in more 1,000 stores at Media Markt and Saturn.


In close consultation with you, we analyse the current price labelling situation at your store and your existing IT landscape. In workshops, we develop business cases and possible solution scenarios.


As a manufacturer-independent systems integration house, we offer you the best hardware for your requirements. We cooperate with all major producers of electronic price tags such as SoluM, SES-imagotag, Hanshow and Pricer.


Our Design team creates and integrates templates according to your requirements and personal branding. The data from your ERP or other systems is then automatically imported into them.

Interface software

Our software interface allows you to connect all your ERP systems. This controls prices and information from the ESL through one source and all the data being additionally stored in a software application. Our partner, BISON, supplies us with a software application for ESL management that easily and efficiently connects articles and digital price labels.

Installation and roll-out management

    From the pilot to the retail space roll out ‒ we take over the management of your entire project. In doing so, we act as the central point of contact for all stakeholders. Our own service technicians and long-term service partners perform the installation on-site. We also train your staff in how to operate the system.

    Monitoring and Support

    Our Support team supports you in case of questions or problems. We provide on-site service to solve service incidents quickly. Our active monitoring service also delivers quick and easy troubleshooting. For example, we keep a constant and close eye on the battery life of the installed ESL and provide server updates.

    Selected concepts

    ESL-Rollout Media Saturn

    World's largest ESL roll out for MSH

    xplace complements the innovative technology with soft- and hardware solutions and installs 12 million electronic price labels.


    ESL: More than just a process optimiser

    Learn how to use ESL effectively to deliver the benefits of e-commerce to the point of sale in our webinar (in German).

    AI and dynamic pricing

    AI-supported promotion

    Digital signage combined with AI-supported dynamic pricing increases customer satisfaction and sales.

    Selected customers

    Referenzlogos ESL

    Your contact partner

    Jonathan managed successfully the biggest ESL roll out ever for the MediaSaturn Retail Group. He has been dedicating himself to the topic of electronic price tags for several years now and is the main contact partner for our customers in this area.

    Jonathan Curdt, Senior IT-Projektleiter

    Jonathan Curdt
    Senior IT Project Manager

    workshop [at] xplace.de

    +49.551 488 798 - 0

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