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Pharmacies Digital signage solutions with positive side effects

The right dosage of digital signage solutions in pharmacies creates a modern and interactive way of informing customers about healthcare products and services. With digital displays, pharmacies can communicate their messages effectively and improve the advice and shopping experience for their customers.

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Digital signage solutions from xplace help your pharmacy immediately

In Your pharmacy

  • lack of junior staff and skilled labour for a consulting-intensive product range,
  • goes the Digitisation rather sluggish ahead,
  • burden extensive Legal requirements How does the Price Indication Ordinance affect day-to-day business? 

Wow... that's a heavy burden you have to carry. We don't want to leave you alone with it. Unfortunately, we can't make your challenges disappear into thin air, but we can help you to relieve you of tasks, simplify your everyday life and accompany your pharmacy into a secure, digitalised future. Pharmacies do not need coercive measures, but stable prospects and digital support. 

The digitalisation of the customer approach in bricks-and-mortar retail is certainly our business, but there is also a very human motivation behind it: the desire to preserve the pharmacy landscape and the quality of care.

We will be happy to help you familiarise yourself with digital price management. Take the opportunity to see how data transfer to electronic price tags works in your pharmacy during a free live demo. Let me show you.

The digitalisation of your pharmacy with xplace it's just a matter of pills

Electronic price labelling The first step towards digitising your pharmacy!

In a market comparison, digital price tags at xplace not only cost less, you are also well advised and looked after. All important hardware components, the software solution and various services are included in the prices listed and we can start equipping your goods with digital price tags straight away.

Your advantages:

  • Minimisation of maintenance effort for the Price management
  • Employees relieve and Saving resources
  • more time for individual Customer meetings to a product range that requires intensive counselling
  • Price certainty & Compliance the Labelling regulations
  • with Information on direct on the product convince (e.g. advertising activities; link to online via QR code)
  • Preventing vacancies, Better control of sales & Simplify inventory processes
  • no paper waste
  • Basis for digital processes, such as Mobile payments
InstoreTV Advertising and information displays for your pharmacy!

Pharmacies are an important point of contact for health advice and prevention. This is exactly where advertising and information screens come in. They are key to improving customer interaction and providing valuable information. Draw attention to special offers and promotions and present important health tips, product information and news from the world of pharmacy. 

Thanks to our intuitive BEECEEN content management software, you can easily upload content and display it on the screens. Whether it's the connection to your online shop, current offers or content from your advertising partners that you can make available for external marketing, you decide and always remain in control.

Your advantages:

  • Customer loyalty: Attractive content keeps customers in the pharmacy for longer and increases the chances of additional purchases
  • Current information: Real-time updates on medication, health tips and emergency services
  • Interactivity: Use of touchscreens for interactive applications for customer advice
  • Simple administration: User-friendly BEECEEN software for simple content management
  • Increase in visibility: Better presentation of offers and promotions
  • Modern ambience: Contemporary and service-orientated atmosphere in the pharmacy
Instore Analytics Record and measure the behaviour of your customers!

With the help of special 3D sensors, passers-by and customers can be recorded anonymously and in compliance with GDPR even before they enter your pharmacy. You can also measure and compare the time they spend in front of product shelves, shop windows and other areas in your shop.

The data acquired in this way is transmitted in real time and visualised in clear graphics for analysis. This not only enables you as a pharmacist to manage your medicines more efficiently, but also to optimise general customer care. 

Your advantages:

  • Customer-orientated services: Adaptation of the product range to customer needs
  • Efficient inventory management: Real-time monitoring of stock levels
  • Faster customer service: Targeted customer service and shorter waiting times
  • Temperature and storage control: Ensuring optimal storage conditions for medicines
  • Data-driven decisions: Analysis of customer behaviour and their preferences
  • Security and theft protection: Detection of suspicious activity and theft prevention
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