Digital access and hygiene solutions

Current regulations and restrictions provide for access control and hygiene measures for retailers and institutions and facilities with a high number of visitors. With xplace's digital solutions, your are able to fulfil these regulations in a safe, convenient and cost effective way. This gives your customers and visitors the confidence to be in a safe and hygienic environment. The Smart Entrance Manager for automated access control and the Digital Signage Hygiene Station are not only effective solutions for these challenging times. They will also be helpful in times beyond.

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Access control Smart Entrance Manager

Smart Entrance Manager

Automated management of customer flows

Control the access to the store automatically with the Smart Entrance Kit from xplace. Sensors record how many people enter or leave the store. The connected traffic light system shows how many people are currently in the store and automatically manages the access control.

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digital signage hand disinfection COVID-19

Digital Signage Hygiene Station

Smart hand disinfection entrance kiosk

The touchless disinfectant dispenser with digital signage screen is the stylish and eye-catching solution for the entrance area. it is hygiene station and advertising display in one. The kiosk is also suitable as a digital signage screen for the Smart Entrance Manager.

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Smart Entrance Manager

The Smart Entrance Manager is a modular customer counting and automatic access control system for retail and other facilities that want to control access securely, automatically and cost-effectively. Customize your Smart Entrance Manager system according to your circumstances and requirements.

1. People counting

The sensor-based Counter Box counts incoming and outgoing customers automatically. Via the Smart Entrance Manager application you can view the current customer numbers and configure the maximum. The system communicates with the supplied hardware to switch traffic lights.

Smart Entrance Manager Corona Sensors

2. Digital Signage Hardware

For the traffic light display you can choose from a red/green light signal or different digital signage screens. As a split screen system, part of the screen can be used for instore TV area communicate hygiene measures, services or advertising in an attention-grabbing way.

COVID-19 solutions Smart Entrance Manager hardware variants

3. Advertising and communication

Use the increased attention at the entrance for the communication of service and advertising messages.

The Smart Entrance Manager Kit contains standard messages for keeping distance. With the intuitive Content Management System BEECEEN from xplace you can also play out any other service and advertising message. That makes the Smart Entrance Manager becomes the perfect advertising space for your current offers.

The Smart Entrance Manager from xplace, adapted and personalized for our needs, is a helpful product for these special times in the COVID-19 pandemic and can also be very helpful in the time afterwards.

J. Augustin, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences Library

Digital Signage Hygiene Station

The stylish kiosk in the entrance combines hygiene service with advertising. While the customers use the touchless disinfectant dispenser, their attention is focused on your current offers or services displayed on the 21.5" screen. With the Digital Signage Hygiene Station, hand disinfection in the entrance area of stores, medical practices and other facilities is implemented in a simple, safe and visually appealing way.

Digital Signage hand disinfection COVID-19 hardware
Thanks to the intuitive Content Management System BEECEEN from xplace, the import and updating of Digital Signage content is simple and convenient.

After the crisis: Sustainable use of our COVID-19 solutions

The xplace COVID-19 solutions are designed for sustainable use and profitability. Use the components of the Smart Entrance Manager and the Digital Signage Hygiene Station beyond the current situation as valuable digital instruments in your store or facility. These are the advantages at a glance:

1. Sensors

You can continue to use the sensors of the Smart Entrance Manager as a visitor counting system. However, the sensors can provide you with important information about customer behavior in the store beyond pure visitor counting. You do not need a complete area coverage of sensor technology for this. Even the selective collection of data at single areas, such as direction of movement and length of stay, provides insights into product interest, popular store areas and answers to other questions. 

2. Digital Signage Hardware

Use the digital signage hardware to promote your services and current offers. The digital A-frame "Alligator" from xplace is flexible and especially eye-catching in highly frequented areas. All displays can be used as Instore TV Screens. Thanks to our intuitive Content Management System BEECEEN, they can be automatically updated with appealing and always up-to-date content.

3. Digital Signage Hygiene Station

"We care for your health" - this message has meaning not only in the current situation. Your visitors will always appreciate the touchless hand disinfection dispenser. The integrated touch screen can be used as an Instore TV screen or digital self-service kiosk, for example as a feedback terminal for visitor satisfaction surveys or as a self-service online shop kiosk.

Digital COVID-19 solutions sustainable use
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